The fire engineer who was holding for rescue caused a fine of 1,880,000 yen

A policeman in Hazelwood was ordered to pay $ 17,500 (about 1.88 million yen) by arresting a fireman who was holding a fire truck for the rescuer who needed the accident. The lawyer stated that "it is not maliciously done" and tells that the firefighter is disappointed.

Details are as below.Jury's with firefighter in dispute with officer -

Firefighter David Wilson rescued the car accident scene in May 2003. Mr. Wilson parked the fire engine at interstate highway 270 to rescue and protect the victim from the wreckage of the accident.

Police officer Todd Greeves told to move the fire engine so that it would not interfere with the traffic of the car, but Mr. Wilson did not move the car. And because Mr. Wilson ignored the police officer, he was to be arrested, but in the end it was innocent.

A movie showing the appearance of Mr. Wilson being arrested. - Cop has to pay $ 18,000 for arresting firefighter trying to help an accident victim

But then Mr. Wilson filed lawsuit against Mr. Greeves as having been civil rights, being humiliated and insecure, and a sentence of about 1.88 million yen in federal trial was issued this week.

2008/2/18 13:07 Article Correction
Since it was pointed out with a police officer who paid a fine from the reader, I corrected the article.

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