Google News is a major renewal, AI collects news chronologically in order and picks up according to users

Google was held on May 9, 2018 (Japan time)Google I / O 2018Among the unique news aggregation servicesGoogle newsWe announced to renew. The new Google News is an integrated position of Google Play Newsstand for PC / smartphone and Google News of the smartphone and weather application, so that AI picks up the news according to user's taste It is said that.

The new Google News: AI meets human intelligence

You can see how the evolution of Google News is evolving by looking at the following movies published by Google.

Introducing the new Google News - YouTube

About 30 years have passed since the World Wide Web started,Nearly 2 billionA website has been created. Many pieces of information are now released online on sentences and movies every minute.

Among the articles that exist abundantly, there are excellent articles by media journalists, regional correspondent, insightful bloggers who have experienced awards, etc. However, they are buried in too many articles and it is difficult to notice.

Under the theme of "Resolve all people's troubles with artificial intelligence (AI)", Google announced that we will renew the Google News of the news agreement service we have offered so far.

AI captures all contents, articles, movies, etc. published on the web ... ...

Understand the people, places, and things related to news, and create a story line that summarizes each news in chronological order.

In addition, each user can grasp the trend of favorite website and frequently read news, pick up 5 trends of the topics that the user might be interested in and the storyline of the news with high importance. The more you use Google News, the more accurate this pickup will be.

In the new Google news, it is designed that users can easily access the story line of news by a unique visual format called "newscasts" using YouTube and images and movies on the web.

And if you want to follow the story line of news deeper, we will use the "full coverage" function.

Full coverage is a summary of various information about one news.

In addition to the articles published by newspapers / magazines / blog media, related movies are compiled.

On the timeline, various sources are arranged in chronological order, so you can quickly see how the news situation you are interested in and what article is the primary source I will.

It is possible to access not only articles and movies, but also commentary, analysis and opinion sentences by each media.

According to Google, "The content of full coverage is universally common regardless of user's preference because" everyone needs to access the same information in order to make productive conversations and discussions " is.

In the new Google News you can access over 1000 journals and newspapers, and if you have favorite media, you can also associate them individually with your Google Account. Also, if you register your credit card in your Google Account, you will be able to easily access paid content provided by each media, simplifying troublesome email address authentication and payment procedures.

The new Google News is started in the United States from May 8, 2018, it has been announced on 5 May of the 127 countries in up to 15 days Android devices · iOS terminal web it is possible to use.

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