Clearly that Twitter had sold data to "a company that illegally acquired Facebook personal information"


Election consulting company Cambridge · AnalyticaUnauthorized use of personal information for 50 million Facebook usersHowever, Twitter also sold data to Global Survey Research (GSR), a research company that sold personal information to Cambridge · Analytka, said the British newspaperTeregraphIt reports.

Twitter caught up in Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica; data sales account for 13% of revenue | 9to5Mac

Unlike Facebook where you can only contact people you have registered, most of Twitter's tweets are publicly available and accessible by anyone. However, the number of monthly active accounts on Twitter worldwide has exceeded 330 million, so it is difficult to access the information that you want to obtain exactly. So, Twitter sells the access authority to the data organizing the published tweets to companies and organizations, but the revenue from this data sales is about 13% of Twitter's total revenue in 2017, roughly 3 Teregraph said that it accounted for $ 33 million (about 36 billion yen).

It is Mr. Alexandre Kogan, professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge and developing an analytical tool for election consulting at Cambridge Analytika, suspected of violating the agreement when buying data from such Twitter . Teregraph reports that Mr. Kogan purchased a large amount of data from Twitter via its own GSR in 2015, Mr. Kogan said, "Data is used to develop" brand report "and" research extension tool " We are only using it, we have not violated Twitter's terms. "

While it can be said that a large amount of data is particularly useful for gathering public opinion and accepting discussions and ideas, Twitter prohibits companies from using policies to extract political information or to identify individuals from data I will. Twitter's spokesperson confirmed the prohibition and confirmed that "Twitter has decided to stop advertising from all accounts owned by Cambridge Analytica, which is based on Cambridge Analytica It is based on our judgment that the advertising business model of the company deviates from the range allowed by Twitter. "

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Although a spokeswoman for Cambridge Analytika admitted that he used Twitter data for political advertisement, he denied that Mr. Kogan's GSR purchased and used data from Twitter.

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