Finally in 14 years since birth Steam has made detailed privacy settings possible

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We will sell PC games born in 2003 "Steam"Game sales in 2017 is about 460 billion yenIt is a platform that is showing great growth. After such 14 years have passed since then Steam has updated to enable detailed privacy settings on the user's profile part.

Steam Blog :: New Profile Privacy Settings

With the latest update, more detailed privacy setting is possible on Steam's Profile screen. Until now, when the profile information is made public, information such as "game" in which information such as game title owned by himself or play time of each game is packed and item stored in his / her event list are all It was published to the user. However, due to the update of the privacy setting, it is possible to finely set the disclosure range by publishing, only friends only, and non-disclosure of these information, respectively.

In "Game", the game title purchased so far, the game title registered in the wish list, the achievement achieved by game play, the play time of each game, etc. were displayed. You can also manage the display of "in-game" displayed during game play and the title of the game being played.

There is also an item "Always Keep Total Game Play Time Hidden even if the User Checks Own Game Details" It seems that there was a strong desire to hide the total game playing time from.

Furthermore, we also reveal that we are working on adopting a new "invisible" mode in addition to the existing "online", "away from" and "offline" status indications. In this invisible mode, you will be able to display your friends list and send and receive messages while keeping the player state "offline".

Note that these functions are made up of feedback from Steam users, and if you say that you want to express your opinion to the development side as a userSteam CommunityIt is ok if you join.

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