"If you want to eliminate this hair somehow!" Looking back on the history of 100 years of depilation, depilation, and shaving, where passion is a glimpse, looks like this in a movie

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While women's hair removal / shaving / hair removal are commonly performed, in recent years more people are making choices of "do not dare to remove hair", SNS#LesPrincessesOntDesPoils(Princess also has hair growing) "Hash tags are also in fashion. So, how has the hair removal and hair loss in recent years changed? That's why the movie is on sale.

100 Years of Hair Removal | Allure - YouTube

The movie started from hair removal in the 1920's.

In the 1920s, when a major change in female fashion occurred, a hairstyle of short knee skirt, short bob's, makeup and the like became popular unlike before. Without a sleeveflapperIn 1915, razors for women appeared for the first time by becoming able to wear style clothes often.

The act of shaving the side hair is popular at this time.

In the 1930 's, women who use hair stone etc to remove hair with DIY will appear.

I heard that not only pumice but also sandpaper was used for depilation, it seems to be very painful ....

Electric razors appeared in the 1940's.

Electric razors appeared because war was lacking nylon.

Tweezers appeared as a method of hair removal in the 1950's.

One of the actresses representing the 1950s is Marilyn Monroe, but women prepare eyebrows with tweezers to create beautiful bow-shaped eyebrows like Monroe.

In the 1960's ... ...

A woman painted aside purple paste.


Cover with something like paper ......

I will peel off. This is a method called wax depilation, it will be used as a method of hair removal as well as armpits as well as arm.


In the United States "Nair (Nair)" of hair removal cream "For Short Shorts"A commercial called" Hello! Apply a cream like this ... ...

If you wipe it with a towel etc, you will get a smooth, smooth skin.

Under hair's hair removal became popular since the 1980s, a relatively recent incident.

Bikini line ofBrazilian wax depilationIt gathers popularity. As of 2018, "hygiene also under hair isYou had better keep it.It is supposed to be said.

In the 1990's ... ...

American Food and Drug AdministrationWith the approval of FDA, laser hair removal is lifted. With laser hair removal, it will be possible to sustain the hairless state without care for many years after several treatments.

In the 2000s ......

Laser hair depilator for home use has appeared.

And to the 2010s.

As a method to replace wax hair removal so far, "sugar ring depilation" by natural materials using sugar and lemon which has been done for a long time in Arab countries gathers popularity. While the context of organic and environmentally friendly is going to be used frequently, the hair removal method seems to have been affected as well.

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