Action shining in game history MORPG 's monumental "Diablo" proposal is open to the public

In 1997Blizzard EntertainmentIn the game released from,Multiplayer online (MO) RPGA famous action RPG as the forerunner of "Diablo"is. "Diablo" is in series, and as of March, 2018 it has been released until the third episode, but a project plan that summarizes the initial idea of ​​the first "Diablo" is released by developers at the time.

(PDF file) diablo_pitch.pdf

"Diablo" is an action RPG whose purpose is to "Defeat the devil Diablo that clears the underground labyrinth and threatens the human world." He said that he emphasized that "to defeat stronger monsters by strengthening the character with experience values ​​and items gained by defeating enemies" than "Enjoying the quest while enjoying the story"Hack and slashIt is classified into the genre. As the stage underground labyrinth is randomly generated every time, it is possible to play for many times with powerful equipment and strong enemies.

The proposal that it was created in 1994 was published by David Brevik, developer of "Diablo", in accordance with the lecture of 2016. Brevik worked at Condor in a small development studio in northern California. Mr. Brevik thought about gaming the idea of ​​"Fantasy world is the stage", "You can play as many times as you can play", "Keep your emphasis on dungeon exploration, battle, character strengthening" that was warming up as a student .

In the item of "GAME DESIGN" of the proposal, "the player creates one character and heads to the dungeon to defeat Diablo", and it turns out that the fundamental concept has not changed. In addition, as stated as "It is possible for the stage dungeon to be randomly generated and move and attack the character with the mouse click", the basic system has not changed since the beginning of the project, but at the planning stage It is not a real-time action RPG, but a turn-based system that decides the action by determining the time limitRogue-likeA style called type RPG was supposed.

In the proposal book "Diablo" has a medieval and fantasy atmosphere, the hero who uses the sword and magic fight against the power of the darkness ", Diablo's view of the world is written. The character operated by the player was set as "The evil person killed the family and it is knocked down to the bottom of life", "I heard the rumor of the city Tristram ruled by the emperor Diablo There are also slightly different parts from the setting of the product version called "adventurer".

"Diablo" can be chosen from six kinds of occupations, Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, Monk, Barbarian, Bird, but in the proposal it is suggested that race can be selected before choosing a profession and what There is an idea that the status will change depending on whether you choose a race. Also, if the created character died in the adventure, it was not possible to redo it again and it was highly difficult specification to start again from the beginning.

As a strategy for product development, it was suggested in the proposal to sell additional content data disc for $ 4.95 (about 520 yen). The strategy is to tickle the collector's mind by enclosing the disc with a pack that draws the rare item together with the disc, as well as allowing the disc to be picked up easily by placing it at the side of the store's cash register. This strategy is a world famous card game "Magic: The GatheringIt refers to referring to.


In addition, if "Diablo" and the expansion pack succeeded, sales of "Extended content added from the beginning" is also considered, and a method similar to the current download content business was proposed. The idea of ​​additional content was not adopted in the first "Diablo", but in the next work "Diablo II" it is partially adopted in the form of an expansion pack.

During development, Condor was acquired by Blizzard Entertainment and changed its name to Blizzard North, but the development of "Diablo" continued, and it will finally be released as a game for PC in 1997. Brevik initially planned the system called the turn system to be changed to real-time action with persuasion from the surroundings. While being simple operation, the game nature that can be played and played many times thanks to the randomly generated labyrinth will be evaluated and will record sales exceeding 3 million copies.

After that, in series 2012 will be "Diablo IIIDiablo series was released. In 2017, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of birth, special video commemorating this was published on YouTube, and it is a must-see content of the episode and memories talks of the time by the staff involved in development.

"Diablo 20th Anniversary Retrospective" Japanese Trailer - YouTube

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