The 16 most shocking movie scene rankings in the history of the game

A movie scene that excites the story in various scenes during the game, not limited to the opening and ending. I think there are many people who have been fascinated by the grandeur.

This ranking is based on the dogmatism and prejudice of a certain American gamer, but games of various genres regardless of Japanese or Western are picked up, which is quite interesting from the perspective of overseas gamers. It is a lineup.

The ranking of movies that are amazing in many ways, such as the big twist of the story and the surprisingly high quality, is from the following.

The Most Epic Cutscenes Of All Time

16th place: 'Onimusha 3' (Capcom released in 2004) Opening movie

YouTube --Onimusha 3 --Opening Movie


Onimusha ' uses a biohazard engine and was initially developed as software for PlayStation , but in the middle of development, the new hardware PS2 was announced, and the hardware was suddenly switched. As one of the earliest works on PS2, we recorded over 1 million hits. Actor Takeshi Kaneshiro will be the character model, and will also be in charge of voice actors and motion actors. The opening movie of the first movie in the series, 'Onimusha,' won the Electronic Theater Grand Prize at ' SIGGRAPH 2000.' The opening movie of the third work 'Onimusha 3' featured in this ranking has also been selected at 'SIGGRAPH 2004' Electronic Theater.

According to K. Thor Jensen, who summarized the ranking, Capcom's titles are far from the mainstream compared to the Resident Evil series, but their gameplay and quality are top class. Also, in this evaluation, the Onimusha series is said to be a work that Capcom failed to franchise, but the Onimusha series itself is originally scheduled to complete the trilogy, and the fourth work ' New Onimusha DAWN OF ' The cumulative total of the series including ' DREAMS ' has reached more than 7 million units worldwide.

15th place: 'Metal Gear Solid' (Konami released in 1998) Cyborg Ninja appeared

YouTube --Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes --Ninja Killing Soldiers


Metal Gear Solid ' is an infiltration action game that makes effective use of 3D depiction using polygons and has appeared as a completely different game from the previous work created for MSX2 . Since then, it is the first work in the 'Metal Gear Solid (MGS)' series, which has established overwhelming support all over the world. The scenario is described by Fortune magazine in the United States as 'the best scenario of the 20th century'.

Jensen praised the balance between gameplay and the movie as exquisite, without making it feel too long, with enough movies to tell the plot of the story. The most impressive scene in the game was the appearance scene of the Cyborg Ninja, and the appearance scene where you wear a reinforced exoskeleton, hide with a stealth camouflage and defeat the enemy soldiers with overwhelming force is included in the ranking. ..

14th place: 'FINAL FANTASY VII' (Square released in 1997) Death of Aeris

YouTube --Aeris; Her Death And Beyond

Introduced as the first FF series for PlayStation, the total domestic shipment of '

FF7 ' including the international version and Ultimate Hits version is a huge hit with over 4 million units. Taking full advantage of the hardware characteristics of the PlayStation using CD-ROM, magnificent movies and beautiful music are included in the event scene, and FF's unique world view that incorporates abundant machine civilization is beautifully expressed.

Jensen praised the movie, saying that the early PlayStation graphics, the question of why he didn't use the Phoenix tail, and the fact that the movie was still great. The position of the movie in the game is to take up the personal side of the main character in the magnificent plot, and finally give the user a reason to defeat Sephiroth . ..

13th place: 'Wanda and the Colossus' (SCE released in 2005) Ending movie

YouTube --Shadow of the Colossus Ending (part 1 of 3)

An action RPG where you control the main character Wanda and fight against colossal statues scattered all over the world. The 'Ancient Land', which is the setting of the story, is composed of a vast map, and the overwhelmingly realistic graphics such as deserts and ruins express the unique world view of the work. Received the Japan Game Awards 2006 Excellence Award.

Jensen says the movie is very long, but few spectacular movies go beyond Fumito Ueda 's masterpiece Shadow of the Colossus. At the end of the story, there is a big development that will overturn the battle of the hero so far, and it will greatly shake the hearts of the players who have fought with the hero to regain the life of their lover. It is said that there is.

12th place: 'Bioshock' (released in Japan in 2008 2K Games): Encounter with Andrew Ryan

YouTube --Bioshock Gameplay: Andrew Ryan Plot Twist


Bioshock ' is an RPG-style FPS game that focuses on enjoying stories and world views. The setting is that the hero who was distressed in the undersea city rupture dominated by crazy scientists fights for survival, but in the story the hero kills the monster that the girl has been altered to gain a lot of power, You will be repeatedly forced to choose whether to help and receive a small amount of power as a thank you. One of the major features of this game is that this choice has a great influence on the ending.

Jensen said the biggest attraction of 'Bioshock' is that the player's choices bring about a harsh reality, and at the beginning of the game, the person the player meets is 'Would you kindry ...' However, if you follow what he says, the player will gradually feel like you have to listen to him, and if you continue to make choices with that feeling, it will eventually be ridiculous. He says he will end up with no ending. The ridiculous ending is ranked in the 12th place of the ranking.

11th place: 'killer 7' (Capcom released in 2005) Request of Ulmeida

YouTube --Killer 7 --Cloudman


Killer7 ' is an action-adventure game developed by Goichi Suda as a director at Grasshopper Manufacture . Toon rendering is used to stylishly express the atmosphere of cartoon-like characters and stories. In addition to being inducted into the Weekly Famitsu Platinum Hall of Fame, he has won numerous awards in Europe and the United States. It is a work packed with esoteric stories, extreme violence, and sexual expression.

Jensen said that 'killer 7' is one of Suda's most biased works, some will love the sensation of disturbing the brain, and others will hate the strangely restricted gameplay. Regardless, this game is evaluated as having pros and cons. On top of that, in any case, the main part of this game is the movie, and the most outstanding one is the scene where billionaire Andrey Ulmeida asks the main characters to kill himself while shedding tears. It is listed in the 11th place in the ranking.

10th place: 'StarCraft 2' (released in 2010 * No Japanese version Blizzard Entertainment) Betrayal

YouTube --StarCraft II Cinimatic --The Betrayal

The game genre called

RTS (real-time strategy) is not very popular in Japan, but it is one of the mainstream game genres in Europe and the United States. The ' StarCraft ' series is a big title of RTS, three races of human camp Terran with weapons, alien camp Zerg with strong flesh, and intelligent life form Protoss fighting with magic in the near future. The story of fighting. The game balance is so exquisitely controlled that it can be established as a competition, but the epic story that crosses the three races is also excellent.

In the ranking, the scene where Sarah Kerigan, an important person in the StarCraft world, is captured by Zerg (alien camp) by betrayal is ranked in.

9th place: 'Devil May Cry 3' (released in 2005, Capcom) Dante's office

YouTube --Devil May Cry 3 --Mission 01 --3 --Dante's Office

The third work of the

Devil May Cry series , which is officially given the genre name 'Stylish Crazy Action', ranked in 9th place. Although the first movie in the series was originally produced as 'Resident Evil 4', it was judged to be 'too much' in terms of action production, etc., and it was released with the original title, so the production of the movie scene is flashy. It's finished.

According to Jensen, the scene of Dante's office in Devil May Cry 3 is very impressive as a movie that unfolds in one room. Although it is a tense situation of a sudden attack from another world, the production such as Dante who does not interrupt eating pizza is shining, and especially the scene of the pool table is evaluated as being suitable for ranking. ..

8th place: 'Halo: Reach' (2010 release Microsoft Game Studios) Ending

YouTube --Halo Reach Ending


Halo series is a super popular series that has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide, from the first FPS game ' Halo: Combat Evolved ' for Xbox 360 to Halo 2 and Halo 3. This work reach is the fifth work in the series following Halo Wars and HALO 3: ODST, and is set in the past era from the first work, and it is a story that leads to the later Halo series.

Jensen said Halo: Reach is an unmistakable tragedy, and players will be thrown into battles that they can never win, but this ending gives them a bit of hope in those unhelpful battles. It is evaluated that it is a gift. At the ending, the player said that the player's battle would be recovered in a huge context that continued to the later Halo series, and the player would discover the fact that without your battle there would be no history to follow the later Halo series. I am.

7th place: 'Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriot' (released in 2008, Konami Digital Entertainment) Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot

YouTube --Metal Gear Solid 4 --Snake vs. Liquid Ocelot Cut Scene

Produced as the final version of the Metal Gear Solid series , it marked the highest score of 40 points in the Famitsu Cross Review. It has been highly evaluated from overseas and has won the Game of the Year at GameSpot and other games.

Also, in this work, it is set that the body of the main character Solid Snake has undergone rapid aging, and it is called Old Snake because of its appearance, and the revolver of the enemy role that has appeared from 'Metal Gear Solid' Ocelot also represents the character as if the main character's rival Liquid Snake had transferred, and this is called Liquid Ocelot.

Jensen says Metal Gear Solid 4 is full of spectacular moments, but the best of all is the final showdown between Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot. Beautiful dialogue, fist-to-fist battle, and Hideo Kojima are all gathered here, and it is the complete climax of the game.

6th place:

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat (Activision released in 1995) Intro

YouTube --MechWarrior 2 Intro

The Mech Warrior series is a video game series of the board game type war simulation game '

Battletech ' announced by the US game company FASA in 1984. 'Battletech' is developed in various media such as novels and table talk RPGs in addition to board games. This work 'MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat' is also on sale in Japan for Windows 95.

According to Jensen, before the advent of large-capacity media such as DVDs, inserting a movie consumes a lot of space in the game, so the movie itself is extremely rare and the content is also very rare. It was short and was inserted only at a very limited point. It is not that there are no excellent movies among them, and the intro of MechWarrior 2 has succeeded in making the viewer want to jump on a giant robot while using polygons that are considerably lower in quality than the present, and it is modern. The movie creators of the movie also evaluated that there are many places to be imitated, and ranked 6th in the ranking.

5th place: Warcraft 3 (Blizzard Entertainment released in 2003) Return of Arthur

YouTube --Warcraft Lore 4: Arthas Murders His Father to be King of Lordaeron


Warcraft series is also a big title of RTS game owned by Blizzard Entertain Maint . In contrast to the Starcraft series set in the futuristic world, this is based on an orthodox fantasy worldview of swords and magic, with races such as humans, dwarves, elves, night elves, orcs, and undead. I am. The Japanese version was released by Capcom in 2003.

Jensen says the scene of the once good paladin, Arthur, returning to his homeland in glory is a crucial moment in Warcraft 3. Arthur kneels in front of his father, the King, but in the next scene it will be a startling assault.

4th place: Halo 2 (Microsoft released in 2004) Send back the bomb

YouTube-Halo 2 Cinema 'Return to Sender'

This second work of the

Halo series is a sequel to the battle with the intelligent life form 'Covenant' that took place in the first work, and the story begins with the progress of the earth by Covenant. As a game, it is FPS from the hero's point of view similar to the previous work, but a new system has been added, such as being able to equip two weapons at the same time and stealing the vehicle owned by the enemy.

Jensen said that a good movie is one that makes you feel that all the fierce battles in the game were connected at this moment, and the bomb sent from the convent by the master chief who is the main character in Halo 2 to the convent. I think the scene to send back is just right for this.

3rd place: FINAL FANTASY VIII (Square released in 1999) Battle of Balaam Garden

YouTube --Galbadia Vs. Balamb

In fact, it is not well known that this work boasts the second highest cumulative sales volume (3.6 million units) among the original PlayStation software. For the first time in the FF series, we have introduced the theme song and strongly brought the element of love between characters into the story, and we can see attempts that were not seen in the previous FF series. The number of units sold overseas is approximately 4.3 million.

Jensen says that while its weird gaming system and outlandish scenarios have made FF8 unpopular with players in recent years, it doesn't mean that the story's grandeur is lost. In particular, the scene after the main characters' base, Balaam Garden, was hijacked by the enemy and turned into a mobile fortress, was evaluated as one of the most attractive ones, and it is ranked 3rd in the ranking.

2nd place:

Mass Effect (Microsoft released in 2007) Sovereign collapse

YouTube --Mass Effect's Most Epic Cutscene


Mass Effect ' is a third-person shooter (TPS) game featuring a spectacular story set in space. The game name comes from the concept that players make various choices, large and small, throughout the game, and the accumulated results of these choices have a significant impact on story development.

According to Jensen, the word magnificent is like something for the 'Mass Effect' that explores different worlds and eras across the interstellar universe. The ranked scene is the scene where the life-like spaceship 'Sovereign' is destroyed, which is extremely important in the story of 'Mass Effect'.

1st place: Duke Nukem 3D (released in 1996 3D Realms Entertainment) Alien toilet


' Duke Nukem 3D ' is the third work in the Duke Nukem series , and it is an FPS that is different from the previous work that was a 2D vertical and horizontal scroll shooting. Most of the series has not been released in Japan, and Duke Nukem is not well known, but it seems to be a popular work in the United States, and it has a quality comparable to ' Doom ' which can be said to be the pioneer of FPS. It is also said that there is.

The content is terrible, and it is Duke's mission to save the world destroyed and devastated by violent aliens, but Duke always mutters vulgar soliloquy, cruel and vulgar like this movie. I don't mind doing things. The world view is also quite unique, and remakes are planned by core fans .

Jensen says he just hopes that the new game will also incorporate a spectacular movie like this Duke Nukem.

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