Five reasons why Metal Gear Solid 4 is not released on Xbox 360, five reasons to be released on the contrary

For game machines there are always some representative works associated with that hardware, for example,Super mario brosSpeaking of mega drive · game gearSonic the hedgehogSpeaking of XboxHalo seriesThere are works like such.

Meanwhile, Konami 's Metal Gear Solid series is one of PlayStation' s leading software, the latest in the seriesMetal Gear Solid 4As PS 3 softwareWorldwide simultaneous release on June 12, 2008It was done. However, it was software that also represents PlayStationFinal Fantasy XIII also released on Xbox 360It was decided to be done. In this way it can not be said that Metal Gear Solid will not be released on Xbox 360, but why it will not be releasedGamesradarMikel Reparaz of Mr. Mr. Mr. Mikel Reparaz mentioned it, so I will introduce it.

Details are as below.
5 reasons Metal Gear Solid 4 will never come to 360 | GamesRadar

1. Konami strongly denies it

Although Konami strongly denied this, although the report said that Konami is leaving the possibility to make Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS 4) a multi platform, Konami strongly denied it, "The plan to develop the Xbox 360 version of the game is There is no such thing. Sony also relies on MGS 4 to sell PS 3, and as soon as an announcement to release Xbox 360 version comes out, the number of people who buy PS 3 to play MGS 4 decreases and the relationship between Sony and Konami There is a possibility that it will be torn.

2. Xbox 360 can not handle Blu-ray

MGS series developer'sHideo KojimaDuring the development of MGS 4, "This game is not big enough for Blu - ray discs, so we have to cut down a little bit of space" "There is not enough capacity (on Blu - ray discs)" always cut where We are talking about where to compress, "he said. The video playback time is over 9 hours and I am using full 50 GB of Blu-ray discs. Therefore, in order to issue MGS 4 with Xbox 360 which can not handle Blu-ray discs, unless there is so little compression, it is necessary to excessively cut the contents or to put out with 6 DVD set etc. .

3. I touched PS3 in the game

In the initial trailer of MGS 4OtaconButCellWe are saying "It is the key to victory of the console war", or Sunny is using PSP in the game, as soon as the Otacon has instructed the disk exchange like the previous series, it is a Blu-ray disc and therefore it is replaced MGS 4 incorporates the unique story of PS3 as it notices that it is not necessary. It is easy to change or lose those stories to Xbox centric for multi-platform, but it seems that the producer seems to want to clarify that the creators chose PS 3.

4. Sony wants to monopolize

Jack Tretton of SCE America boasted at the E3 this year that the PS3 will release exclusively 75 titles exclusively. However, most of them are titles released from SCEA and not very noticeable titles. "Devil May Cry 4"Final Fantasy XIII"Assassin's Creed"Grand Theft Auto IVAlthough titles such as "PS3" were planned to be the exclusive title of PS3, eventually it was decided to be released on Xbox 360 as well. For this reason, MGS 4 has become the stronghold of Sony's last monopoly third party title, and if it will be released on Xbox 360, as mentioned in Reason 1, it could affect the longstanding relationship between Konami and Sony, PS3 fans Not to mention to buy the anger of the layer.

5. Why the MGS series now?

Both good and bad, the PlayStation brand and MGS are tightly connected, although in the past Metal Gear comes out with NES, and there is a Win version of Metal Gear Solid, basically it is on sale from PS series. MGS is a title that pushed the PlayStation brand to the present. Many Xbox 360 users own PS 2 and think that I have touched the MGS series. Although MGS 4 is supposed to be enjoyable even if you have never played past series, it is also true that the material from the past series that entertains the most fans will be scattered.

That is why Mr. Mikel Reparaz's MGS 4 does not come on Xbox 360. Meanwhile, Mr. Reparaz raises the reason why it seems likely also on Xbox 360.

1. Financial aspects

Many games are issued on multiple platforms because there is a reason why they want to be neutral in the console warfare, but in the case of huge titles like MGS 4, many staff and budgets are needed, so it is necessary to make a profit For that reason there are things that many people have to buy as much as possible. Selling only on one game machine means that you will miss many customers who do not have that game machine, so if you want to increase sales even a bit, exclusive launch is a decision you can easily make easily It is not. MGS 4 has sold about 780,000 copies in the United States, about 600,000 copies in Japan, but that is the story only with the third hardware (PS 3) in the world, if it is released on the Xbox 360 that is popular all over the world How much profit is produced when doing is room for one's thought.

2. Sony does not pay consideration because it is monopoly, but Microsoft will pay

If you release MGS 4 with Xbox 360, there is a possibility that you will get a lot of sales, but for that you still need a lot of money. However, Microsoft has a custom of giving bonuses to exclusive titles and titles entering Xbox, and I have won the Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360 exclusive download content. There are also rumors that Microsoft himself offered to develop Xbox 360 version of MGS 4. In any case, it can be inferred that Microsoft will be more interested in Xbox 360 version by MGS 4 giving results.

3. There are more users

Xbox 360 has sold over 20 million units worldwide (PS 3 has 14.4 million units), and there is a difference of 5.6 million people at the present time (Wii is even higher if it is only number). ifMetal Gear OnlineWith XboxLive, audiences watching the final adventure of Solid Snake will double and audience development expenses should help.

4. Konami does not need to break his promise

If you are a fan who has played for a long time at MGS, you should know that goods marked as "complete version" will be released about one year after the first release. MGS, MGS 2, MGS 3 and complete versions have been published so far, perhaps MGS 4 should also be released in full version. Although "Metal Gear · Solid 4 · Guns of the Patriot" will probably not come out on Xbox 360, it does not mean that "Metal Gear Solid 4: Substance (Tentative)" will not come out. From the relationship between Konami and Sony, the original title may be "exclusive release" only on PS 3, but there is a chance to play its development system on Xbox 360.

5. I have been released before

The fine facial expression of the snake wagging in the first trailer of MGS 2 was enough to make purchase decisions by millions of gamers who were wondering whether to buy PS 2 or not. Also, the 2001 game hit helped PS2 advance the fight against Xbox and GameCube in an advantageous manner. The full version of MGS 2 "Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance" has been released Xbox version 4 months ago when PS 2 version or Windows version is released.

In Japan it is not realistic because users of Xbox 360 are overwhelmingly small compared to PS 3, but in North America etc., because Xbox 360 is dominant, I can understand the feeling of having the hope of being ... possibly ....

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