Microsoft ends development of games for Xbox One

Microsoft, which owns 23 game studios, has shifted the stage of game development to the ``9th generation'' game consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and the 8th generation Xbox One games. made clear that it is no longer made in

Xbox's game studios are all-in on the current gen, leaving Xbox One support to the cloud

Microsoft is no longer making new games for the Xbox One | Engadget

Microsoft entered the home console market with the Xbox in 2001. Since then, the Xbox 360 in 2005, Xbox One in 2013, Xbox One X, the high-end version of Xbox One in 2017, and Xbox Series X / S in 2020.

Xbox One hardware production will end in 2022.

Production of all Xbox One models is discontinued, Microsoft to concentrate on production of Xbox Series X / S - GIGAZINE

On the other hand, on the software side, Microsoft owns Xbox Game Studios under its umbrella, and in 2020

, it acquired ``Bethesda Softworks'', known for DOOM and Fallout, together with its parent company ZeniMax Media .

Combined with previous studio acquisitions, Xbox Game Studios and ZeniMax Media have a combined total of 23 studios. This includes studios that haven't yet released games for the Xbox Series X/S, but at least it's clear that they aren't developing games for the Xbox One.

According to Xbox Game Studio chief

Matt Booty , the in-house game cycle is shifting to ``9th generation'' game consoles, including the Xbox Series X/S, with support for ``Minecraft'' and more. Except for that, there is no team working on games for older generation game consoles such as Xbox One.

Booty says Xbox One can play 9th generation games via the cloud gaming service ' Xbox Cloud Gaming '.

In addition, game developers point out that the need to support the Xbox Series S, the entry machine for the 9th generation game console, is hindering the possibilities of new generation games.

Developer claims 'many' studios are asking Xbox to drop mandatory Series S compatibility | VGC

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