Aluminum foil smiths who hit aluminum foil to heat and make kitchen appeared

In March 2018 "I rounded aluminum foil and made it into a sphere"Tweeted over 60,000 tweets have been retweeted and a big topic was invoked, but the same person who used the aluminum foil to create a knife kitchen knife has appeared on YouTube. The movie has become a big hit to break through 1.5 million playbacks in just three days from the release and voices of praise gathered not only from Japan but also from overseas in the comment section.

I want to make kitchen knife of roasted aluminum foil! - YouTube

That's why we started making knives using aluminum foil. Of course the material is aluminum foil.

Take the aluminum foil out of the box ... ...

I will take up kurukuru.

Successful winding of all aluminum foil of 30 cm × 50 m.

I will beat it with a cannibal per core that I used at the time of winding.

Where I hit it to a certain extent ......

Pushing the gui guitar stick ... ....

Remove unnecessary core.

When you pull out the core it looks like this.

That's why I hit the tongue again ...

Aluminum foil will deform into a plate shape.

When it becomes a plate shape, put a fire on the stove ... ...

Heat the aluminum foil plate.

When you heat it again Tonkan with cannuci. Since it is heating the aluminum foil, it has changed into work while holding the plate with pliers.

Continue to work while keeping the cannucis and pliers to cool with a wet towel.

Heat the board again ...

I will hit it.

It became considerably like a metal plate.

When you hit the board with your finger, you hear that the sound of "Kang Kong" and hitting the metal plate sounds, and it is being told that it is getting considerable hardness.

Next, in order to cut the metal plate into a kitchen knife type, we take off a ready-made knife.

When drawing a silhouette with magic ... ...

I will cut it in the street of the thread with a thread saw.

Fix the board to vise ... ...

I used about this blade width.

That's why I started cutting.

I will cut more and more ... ....

A kitchen knife type metal plate is completed.

Clean the cut surface with a file.

If you scrape to some extent with a file, then use a grindstone. The first thing we use is a diamond grindstone with a grain size of # 150.

Bubbles were found on the cut surface as you sharpened.

I can not get a gap in the buttocks part ... ...

Once again with a stove, ...

You can see that a large clearance has been created in the metal plate cut into a kitchen knife.

So, insert a flea in the gap ... ...

Divide it in two.

I hit the good one again with a cana ... ...

Increase the strength.

And prepare sandpaper.

Use this to polish the surface of the metal plate.

Prepare a diamond grindstone with particle size # 150 again.

Shiso sharpen the cutting edge of the kitchen knife.

# 400

# 1000

# 2000 and so on, gradually increasing the grain size of the grindstone will increase the cutting edge's cutting edge.

The appearance during sharpening is no longer a kitchen knife.

At this point the kitchen knife is finished like this.

# 6000

# 8000

# 12000

# 30000

"Shapton blade's black screen Mirasaki mirror finish grinding # 30000"In Amazon's customer review column"I am using it for the final finish of a stainless steel knife"There is a fine grinding stone so as to have a comment that, apparently the sharpening of the movie will end here.

Next, take the pattern of the handle on the wooden plate ... ...

Cut it as you like.

Cut it in half in the vertical direction ...

Polished with file.

Then, the plate which becomes the handle part of the kitchen knife is completed.

Then mark the metal plate with a magic ... ...

Drill a hole with a hand drill.

In the same way if you open a hole in the wooden board ......

Fix the wooden board and kitchen knife with screws.

Then prepare a diamond saw ... ...

Cut the unnecessary screw head etc.

The part protruding from the handle ......

I just scrape it out and scrape it.

This completes the bowl.

After that, I fix the kitchen knife to the vise and I will process the handle part smoothly with sandpaper.

For the final finishingLeather grindinguse.

Sharp polish ... ...

done. A knife with black hands is a kitchen knife of off the shelf, a wooden handle is a knife made from aluminum foil.

Size is nearly the same.

With a hand like this, it is a kitchen knife from anywhere.

It is quite sharp up to the tip, and the warpage is well reproduced.

Cutting edge from shiny to cutting edge is well reproduced.

Of course it can be used just like ordinary knives. I was cutting cucumber in the movie.

The end is stored in a box containing ready-made knives and the movie is over.

Apparently it seems like a sashimi knife that is sold in Daiso. I am amazed at the machine power that produces a kitchen knife from aluminum foil, but it is surprising also at Daiso selling kitchen knives that can be made only by this much effort spanning only 100 yen.

In addition, in the explanation column of the animation, it is written "I am paying close attention to safety, please do not absolutely do it", so please do not manage good kids.

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