A movie that cuts glass with a pair of scissors

When cutting ordinary glass, I use a machine such as a diamond cutter or I use a glass cutter, but this person is cutting scissors with scissors. Heating with a lighter at the beginning, it is appealing that it is not a plastic plate, and it cuts surprisingly easily.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
YouTube - cut glass with scissors!

The reason why she can cut with scissors is as follows: "By immersing in water it prevents glasses from vibrating at high frequencies" is explained. Although it seems like I did not understand it, it seems that it is true that there is someone in the comment section on YouTube that actually did or something has succeeded, so it can be cut off. I heard you are injured if you manage poorly.

The way of cutting the glass when using a glass cutter as usual is as follows.

Glass cutting method Glass cutting tool such as glass cutter (glass cutting) etc Description of glass cutting method

There is a movie and it is easy to understand.

Straight cut of glass(WMV file)

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