The finger can be cut with paper is still in the beginning, a surprising movie that cuts wooden board with fluffy paper

The fingers of paper and printing paper of notebooks used at school are "SpatI think that there are many people who have experienced a painful experience more than it seems to be broken, but the power of paper does not seem to stay like that. In a movie posted on YouTube, a surprising sight that cuts even wooden boards is included by cutting out paper and using it like a rotating saw.

Can Paper Cut Wood? - YouTube

Apparently the authentic paper is used in this movie. Write circle with compass on copy paper ......

Cut the center with a cutter.

Then cut off the surroundings with scissors and turn into a disk shape.

Next, remove the circular saw made of iron that was installed in the tool "Circular saw board" that cuts the wood. A dull glow that shines glearly and a surrounding blade that seems to be unforgivable seems to have a feeling of "cutting" indeed ... ...

I attached the paper. It is obviously fluent, and I can hardly believe that trees will be cut with such things.

Just like a round saw, it gets firmly fixed with a washer and a nut.

Then set the top board with thin holes and you are ready. At this time, I actually touch with my fingers, but its softness is clearly "just paper".

I switched on the circular sawing board, and the paper saw began to rotate at high speed. To begin with, letting similar copy paper close ... ...

The blade begins to enter.

Copy paper that surprisingly ends with gui guitar. Whether the strength of the paper saws is insufficient or not, the cut is not straight, but the paper is still running out.

This box made of cardboard can also be cut. There is even a shock how the surprisingly smooth breaks enter.

And it appeared, the emergence of a wooden stick. Thin and light wood with thickness of 1 mm is used.

Hitting the blade ......

It is slow, but the trees are not running out ... ....

Span and cutting completed.

A splendid break. Perhaps a bit dark is that friction with paper has caused the heat to be generated.

Even this alone is amazing, I challenge the stick of the wood that seems to be one centimeter thick in the movie. If I think that it is impossible for anything this ... ....

How do you know, if the tree does not run out? Apparently it seems to be playing at a multiple speed, but if you doubt my eyes as "It's a lie ... ..."

After all it was impossible. Along with the sound "Bullwhan!", The paper saw blade has broken into pieces. However, after all it seems that paper was really used, and more surprising.

Looking at the incision with Pokin, you can see that the section is brown and burned like the wood of the previous time. It was a movie that you can see well that paper power can not be surprisingly reached.

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