I tried drinking a new drink of Tully's, including a cute "Popon Easter latte" with rabbit ears on it

"Rabbit ear chocolate and whipped cream topped with caffe latte with custard sauce using Madagascar vanilla beans"Pop'n Easter Latte"And three types of berries and whipped cream topped with Royal Milk Tea"& TEA Berry Berry Royal Milk Tea"Has appeared as a new drink of Tully from March 15, 2018 (Thursday). At the same time as this new drink, the fluffy motif of a bear appeared in November 2017 "Bear full sleeveAs we got the information to start distributing the second stage of 'Tully', I used a fluffy sleeve to taste a new drink.

Easter of Tully's Coffee with "Easter egg" and "rabbit" motif! "Popon Easter Latte" etc from March 15 th (Thu) Berry Berry Royal Milk Tea | Press Release (2018/3/5) | Press Release | Company Information | TULLY'S COFFEE - Tully's Coffee

I came to Tullys.

There was a panel in front of the shop to inform you of the appearance of the new menu.

I will order "Berry Berry Royal Milk Tea" (Tall size: 550 yen for tax) and "Pop Easter latte" (Tall size: 590 yen for tax) with ice and hot respectively. For "Berry Berry Royal Milk Tea" Short is 490 yen including tax, Grande is 610 yen including tax. "Popoon Easter latte" is Short 530 yen including tax, Grande 650 yen including tax.

Ice and hot on the new menu arrived respectively.

In addition, "Popon Easter Late" and "Berry Berry Royal Milk Tea" such asTarget menuIf you order a size larger than Tall's plus 350 yen, you can get 1 bare full sleeve per cup. The sleeve can be either pink or beige.

I will drink it from the hot of Episode Late. This menu is an event held in the spring in the United States,EasterofEaster BunnyThe motif is that it is.

On the surface, whipped cream is topped, rabbit ear chocolate is on top, and colorful color sugar is sprinkled. However, because the coffee latte is warm, the whipped cream melts and the husband 's ear chocolate sinks to latte. The caffe latte portion of the drink is made with espresso and custard sauce, and Madagascar vanilla beans are used for custard sauce. After drinking it is a creamy coffee latte and I feel little bitterness with whipped cream and milk of coffee latte. I felt it was just right when I wanted to drink a warm coffee drink.

Next, I will drink Popon Easter latte with ice cream.

Compared to hot, ice creates a bitter taste of coffee because milk fat in milk is hard to dissolve. However, because it was cold I felt refreshing aftertaste rather than hot.

Next, I will drink hot berry berry royal milk tea.

Three kinds of cold berries are topped on whipped cream. Milk tea part is Tully's& TEA Royal Milk TeaThat is the base.

Because it is warm, I will drink it with a beige-colored bare full sleeve.

Warm royal milk tea is modest sweetness. When you drink whipped cream and milk tea, cream melts and plays rich in milk tea. When drinking milk tea, berries rolled in, they are soft and crispy and juice overflows.

Next I will try drinking berry berry royal milk tea with ice cream.

When I drink it with ice, I feel like a dessert with a scent of black tea with cold berry and whipped cream.

"Berry Berry Royal Milk Tea" and "Pop'n Easter Latte" are limited-time menus, so please drink someone you care about as soon as possible. Also note that this will end as soon as the bare full sleeve disappears.

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