"Mascarpone tiramisu latte" etc. I tried 12 kinds of tully's holiday seasonal limited menu

From the coffee shop Tully's, from 2017 to November 2 (Thurs) from the winter holiday season only "Irish latte"Mascarpone Tiramisu latte"In addition, drinks and hot meals, all 12 types appeared. We actually enjoyed the autumn-winter period-limited menu, including espresso drinks, sweets with berries and newly added hot meal, I've been tasting.

"Customize Your Holiday Season" "Irish Latte" "Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte" etc from November 2nd (Thu) Press Release (2017/10/25) | Press Release | Company Information | TULLY'S COFFEE - Tully's Coffee

Arrived at Tully's.

We ordered 3 kinds of drinks of the holiday seasonal limited menu for 6 items of ice and hot and 6 items of hood, total of 12 items.

First of all,Mascarpone Tiramisu latteI will drink it hot. The price is 490 yen including tax, short for size, 530 yen for tall, 590 yen for grande. Italian Dolce Tiramisu as a cake motif, white mascarpone whipped cream for topping, red freeze-dried strawberry and brown cocoa from above.

After drinking, Masukarupune Whirlpream's mellow sweetness and the espresso bittern produce a harmony like tiramisu, and the acidity of strawberries is further accentuated.

Next, I will drink "ice cream" Mascarpone tiramisu latte ".

Ice cream stands better, it is cold and sweet, so you can drink it like dessert like tiramisu.

Next is the description of "Irish latteI will drink it hot. The price is 470 yen including tax, short for size, 550 yen for Toll with tax, 610 yen for Grande. This menu appears seasonally only in winter every year, it is said to have originated in Ireland "Irish coffeeAs a motif, a flavor of liquor is included. For the topping, cream with caramel sauce is on top.

When I drank it, I could not feel the smell of espresso and cream strong, but I can enjoy the rich aroma of espresso and the rich flavor of caramel and cream.

Next, I will drink "Irish Latte" with ice cream.

When drinking, even if there is sweetness of cream and caramel sauce, it can be drunk with the bitterness of ice and espresso.

Next is "& TEA" (tea) "Cabernet & amp; Strawberry TeaI will drink it hot. It is one of the fruit teas developed every season, the price is 430 yen including tax for short, 490 yen including tar with tar. Please note that there is no Grande. Fruit of strawberry is floating on the topping, and drinks contain fruit juice such as red wine grape varieties "Cabernet Sauvignon", so it is a fruit exhaustion. When approaching, fragrance with acidity with berry fruit and black tea rises with steam.

When you drink it, it has a soft texture of fruit pulp for the modest sweetness and sourness of the fruit juice. Hot of "Cabernet & amp; Strawberry Tea" has become a drink that can realize the goodness of compatibility between black tea and berry fruits.

Continue to drink "Cabernet & amp; Strawberry Tea" with ice cream.

When drinking, compared to hot, the pulp crunch is strong, the smell of tea feels weak. In ice cream, the sourness of fruit juice and the astringency of black tea refresh the aftertaste and finished in refreshing taste.

Next is the hot meal's "Salad pizza demiglas beefI'll eat it. The price is 490 yen including tax. Lettuce had protruded from the pizza dough.

When I opened it, plenty of vegetables such as lettuce and carrots were caught. Brown demiglace sauce is visible in the gap between pizza dough and vegetables.

I try to eat with a hand.

The roasted pizza dough is fragrant and rich in mouthfeel, the vegetables have a good texture with shakiyaki, the umami of demiglace sauce and minced meat, and the sourness and toasty cheese of tomatoes are accented.

Next is the sweets'Classic pancake Mixed berry chocolatI'll eat it. The price is 750 yen including tax.

The diameter of a pancake is about 12 cm.

It was chocolate syrup drawing a brown net.

The red one is a berry sauce using four kinds of berries.

Cream is on top.

First of all, I will eat from the dough. Butter is scented, fluffy texture and unobtrusive sweetness, the bitterness of chocolate syrup is accented.

When you cook cream and berry sauce together, richness adds to the taste. Even if the inside of the mouth gets dull by the richness, the berry sauce will reset, so the meal will advance.

Subsequently, "Mill CREEP Creamy Tiramisu". The price is 430 yen including tax.

When looking at the cross section, yellow and white drew streak patterns. Yellow is a crepe fabric, white cream is a combination of Mascarpone cream and whipped cream. The brown sponge fabric of the foundation contains "Espresso Classico" of coffee.

I tried putting a fork and it was short and I felt it was softer than silk bean curd.

When I try to eat it, the crepe fabric is soft and seems to melt with a cream put in my mouth. The acidity of Mascarpone cream and sweetness of whipped cream are well-balanced and the bittersweet taste of "Espresso Classico" highlights acidity and sweetness.

Next sweets, "Holiday lease"Is a colorful donut and the price is 280 yen including tax.

It looks like a Christmas lease, it is coated with white, green, chocolate and red freeze dried strawberry, so I felt the color was a bit more ornate. The black fabric is kneaded with black cocoa.

When eating, the fabric is bittersweet, the texture is mochi, sweet chocolate and sour dry strawberry are accented. Also, since the dough has little moisture and the chocolate is sweet, I felt that it would be better if I eat it with coffee.

Next, the two types of cookie "Holiday cream sand caramel salad & amp; chocolat"Both of them are 200 yen including tax.

I tried out it from the package. The left is "Holiday Cream Sand Caramel Sale", and the right is "Holiday Cream Sand Chocolat".

Both are the same size. About one size smaller than the business card size, the long side is about 6 cm.

"Caramel salad" of plain cloth sandwiches caramel cream containing "Argentine lake salt".

When I tried it, saltiness of a sweet caramel cream is accentuated on plain cloth with crisp and crisp.

"Chocolate" is a brown cocoa fabric with a French chocolate cream in between.

When I try to eat it, the chocolate cream is sweet and the bittersweet cocoa fabric gives rise to the taste.

Lastly, "Tully's Chocolate Terujet Dolce". Three kinds of small chocolate are set, and the price is 350 yen including tax.

I tried taking it out on a plate. From the left "Cafe Chocolat", square "Almond Praline", white "Strawberry White Chocolate" are all three kinds.

First off from the cafe chocolat. It is a bittersweet chocolate which smells coffee granules inside.

On the surface of the almond praline, it is written with a cursive word "Tullys Coffee" (Tully's coffee).

When I tried it, it contained a fragrant almond ganache.

The end is strawberry white chocolate. It is coated with white chocolate and freeze-dried strawberry is on top.

When I tried it, white crunch and cornflakes were contained in it, and it became crispy texture.

None of the holiday season-only menus were all menus which made seasonal conscious ingredients, accented so that taste and texture would not become monotonous. Please note that the drinks and foods only for the holiday season reviewed this time are limited for a limited time.

◆ "Irish Latte" (Hot & amp; Ice) Short: 470 yen including tax, Toll: 530 yen including tax, Grande: 590 yen
◆ "Mascarpone tiramisu latte" (hot & amp; ice) Short: 490 yen including tax, Toll: 550 yen including tax, Grande: 610 yen
◆ & amp; TEA Cabernet & amp; Strawberry Tea (Hot & amp; Ice) Short: 430 yen including tax, Toll: 490 yen including tax
◆ "Classic Pancake Mixed Berry Chocolat": 750 yen including tax
◆ "Mill CREPS Creamy Tiramisu": 430 yen including tax
◆ "Holiday lease": 280 yen including tax
◆ "Salad pizza demiglas beef": 490 yen including tax
◆ "Holiday cream sand caramel salad & chocolat" 200 yen each, set of 6 pieces: 1200 yen including tax
◆ "Tully's Chocolate Terujet Dolce": 3 pieces set 350 yen

In addition to these menus, merchandise such as mugs for the holiday season only, and takeaway sets of coffee beans and hoods have also appeared.

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