Earn more than 6 million yen a month Software engineering related mentality talked by creators who successful podcasts

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Podcast which distributes almost every day, mainly on interview program of experts related to software engineering "Software Engineering Daily"Is a popular channel where monthly income reaches as much as $ 60,000 (about 6.4 million yen). Mr. Jeff Meyerson who handles this program is looking back on the stage of growth from the start of the program's birth.

Making $ 60,000 / mo from a Podcast on Software Engineering - Indie Hackers

Software Engineering Daily has one episode delivering programs of about 60 minutes at the longest, and each program contains contents on specific technologies, companies, ideas and so on. Software Engineering Daily says that the aim of the program is "to provide students with learning opportunities and entertainment", the maximum number of downloads per week is 140 thousand, and the income of $ 60 thousand is It seems to have been brought down.

Software Daily

Mr. Meyerson got the opportunity to start a podcast by himself, likewise distributing podcastsSoftware Engineering RadioI studied as an apprentice under Mr. Robert Blumen. This podcast has a long history, and I am blessed with an enthusiastic listener and it seems that the number of downloads per month was 50,000 times.

Momentson decided to launch a podcast by himself since the engineering podcast he had been listening to was stopped one after another when it became 2015 later.

◆ Equipment etc. that have been arranged to start podcasts
Software Engineering Daily said it was launched without spending much money. The program started with just cheap Mike and free audio editing software using inexpensive WordPress on the web platform. Instead, I focused on improving program contents. It seems that Mr. Mayerison had been enrolled at Amazon before, but it seems that 15 points of interview appointment was already taken at the last timing of retirement.

However, Mr. Meyerson said that he did not necessarily have detailed knowledge about the industry in which he interviewed. Mr. Meyerson replied, "I ask a good question", that he sent days to hear various programs while jogging in order to encourage accumulation of new neta and knowledge everyday.

Immediately after the start of the podcast, Mr. Mayerison started to feel a bit of a success to be successful as a business, and at that stage, "60% confidence" seems to have started to grow. Besides being opportunities to welcome industry big names by interview partners, we have also gained momentum to expand our listeners one after another, and by employing full-time employees for improving profit models, the business foundation It has stabilized.

◆ What is the listening situation?
Software Engineering Daily, which began distribution in 2015, only gentle listeners at first, but the graphs rose sharply from around May 2016, exceeding the mark of 10,000 people. After that, it is over 20,000 people. The increase was supported largely by "word of mouth".

Mr. Mayerison regards Software Engineering Daily as "a marketplace with duality of advertiser and listener community" and is focusing on blending these two well. We will also check whether we can use the feedback from the listener and at the same time listen to the demands of the advertiser and check whether it meets the required needs.

Software Engineering Daily says it may get inspiration from existing large media, but even if the growth speed is not so fast, I do not care too much about that. Rather, by arranging a lot of content in the meantime, it seems to think that it is possible to provide overwhelming content amount when the listener increases in the future.

◆ What is the business model of Software Engineering Daily?
The basic business model is advertisement revenue type content distribution. The company also offers iOS and Android applications, among which it offers a service that cuts advertisement display for $ 10 a month (about 1100 yen) or $ 100 a year (about 11,000 yen) Thing. On the payment platformStripeIt seems to be using.

The reality of advertising revenue is said to be as follows, it is said that it has a certain range. As advertisements in podcasts are less common than web advertisements, it seems that it may be difficult to communicate the advertising power of podcast advertisements to advertisers, but it seems that the results have been generally moving upwards.

◆ What is the future goal of Software Engineering Daily?
First and foremost, Software Engineering Daily, which places the top priority on "delivering high-quality content", says it implements various measures based on its principle. The company offersOpen Source ProjectIs provided as a place for people to gather under "software" to create collaboration, where a wide range of people from beginners to experts are exchanging.

Software Engineering Daily | Open Source Guide

◆ What is the biggest problem so far? What would you do if you could start over again?
Mr. Meyerson said that he was a competition level poker player during his studies, he has learned about himself through poker and experienced ways to take risks. But when I was 19, I lost a lot of money, so I got a hand out of poker, and it seems that empty days continued for two years from that. At that time, Mr. Mayerison, who was a student, learned about various fields and became involved in the field of computer science related to current work.

If there are opportunities to redo, pay more attention to health, Mr. Mayerison said. He says that he wants to focus on exercising, eating, sleeping, interaction with people, and putting more emphasis on others to better handle others.

◆ What is useful or advantageous?
Mr. Meyerson said that he has the ability to see the mental partner who he / she intends to understand, and it is fun to watch society by the person's line of sight. In addition, when learning is done, it is often chosen to be taught by people, not books, but it is said that knowledge is condensed in books. Meanwhile, Twitter, podcasts, YouTube and others tell us that they provide "a view like a kaleidoscope" of people's ideas. In addition, Mr. Meyerson says that it is good to use the "intellectual dark web" (intellectual dark web) that provides knowledge at the standing position one step away from the main stream of society.

Mr. Meyerson also asked his subordinates "to be rich and slow", "I can not get it if I do not know what I want" "to start doing things with the goal in mind It is said that a number of posters have been posted with a word of wisdom such as " Besides that, he seems to be doing measures to keep a healthy mental, such as "make a planned dish properly", "try out the exercise method now," "talk about taboo-like topics" and so on.

◆ Advice to those who are about to begin something from now on?
Mr. Meyerson asked for advice to a young entrepreneur said, "You are special, everyone needs you, there are something special you can not make anyone else in you "I am giving words. Advice to push yourself hard, train, incorporate more information, repeat the experiment, to make sure that you are right.

In addition, the mentality of Chinese Tech companies "9-9-6Style (9 am to 9 pm, a style of working six days a week). With a long-term goal, we clarify "where we want to be located in ten years from now" and clarify it from there, and give back considerably Gorigori advice to calculate back from it and think about what to do now.

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