Hack technique to replace the contents of a good old ThinkPad more than 10 years in advance and keep it active

There is a terminal called a name machine on a ThinkPad, there is a user who does not look at a new model and has a long favorite of a name machine. Though Shinsei ThinkPad, which was inherited from IBM by Lenovo as a result of acquisitions, has undergone numerous specification changes, among users who still love the old ThinkPad, by replacing the contents with the latest models, "life prolonged" There seem to be some people doing.

New ThinkPad Guts Bring Intel Core I, DDR 4, USB 3 to Cult Laptops | Hackaday

ThinkPad, which used a display with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, has now been changed to a 16: 9 display owing to importance of movie trial listening. Also, the mechanism that illuminates the ThinkLight keyboard was changed to a backlight key type keyboard and it disappeared unnoticed. Users who love these good old ThinkPads will keep using their favorite terminals, but as new OSs and software come up, the performance side will be a bottleneck and eventually you will have to give up using.

However, among users who want to prolong the ThinkPad of love machine by any means, obtain a new motherboard for maintenance, quietly replace the contents of the aircraft including the I / O ports and the like, There is a strong man who performs a hack that raises it as the ThinkPad of the latest performance as it is.

Chinese Forum51nb.comSo, there are many reports that the ThinkPad was remodeled and revived.

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Proven in ThinkPad revivalHOPEMr. ThinkPad X61 's system board (mother board) is attached to ThinkPad X61' s enclosure to refresh its contents. With this, the CPU has been upgraded from the Core 2 Duo generation to the 5th generation Core i7.

It is said to take measures against heat by installing sirocco fans and proprietary heat pipes.

USB ports etc. are added by daughter board.

"Gawa" who secretly removed the contents from X 61

Stuff the motherboard and fans etc.

Connect SSD and wireless LAN modem to mSATA port.

Covering with black insulating film, careful work is done.

The external port is reproduced in the same part as the original X61.

It fits perfectly. Originally, the place where HDD of 2.5 inch size was, it seems that capacity can be increased as a separate storage entirely.

When you start up, the "X62" logo will appear. The appearance is X61 and the contents are X62.

"Wolf wearing sheep's skin" realizes the performance that can continue to be active.

In many cases, such as X61 → X62, not only the case where the upgrade is easy but also detailed work such as changing the shape of the heat pipe or removing the screw hole which interferes is necessary .

The classic revival pass is "X60 · X61 → X62", "X200 · X201 → X210", "T60 → T70" etc. Even though I have time and money, I do not see many people who want to extend the life of old ThinkPad.

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