MacBook Air bent over by bus and unbroken, how it works when you turn on the power

A thin notebook computer "MacBook Air" reputed to be thin enough to enter an envelope is unfortunately hit by a bus.

Because of the weight of the bus, the body and liquid crystal have been folded into a pathetic figure, but it has ended up, but it seems to work when turning on the power even in this state. It is exactly a miracle of Apple power.

Details are as below.
MacBook Air Vs Bus

According to this article, it was said that the MacBook I had had been hit by a bus from the bus. As a result, MacBook partially deformed, it looked unbelievable, but it seems that it worked when turning on the power.

This is a MacBook that got hit by a bus. It is supposed to be partly challenging

It was opened. It is such a nightmare sight

The keyboard is curled up and it is getting up ...

Where I turned on. Unfortunately we can not display a part of the display, but it seems to be working properly.

Although it has become a miserable figure, is it that only a mortal wound was avoided? Although it is an unfortunate accident, perhaps it should be pleased even that the data etc. were safe.

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