Summary of appearance review of 'M2-equipped MacBook Air' with a thinner bezel by adopting a notch


new MacBook Air equipped with the ' M2 chip ' was announced at Apple's developer event ' WWDC22 ' held on June 7, 2022 (Tuesday). There is a corner where you can actually touch the M2-equipped MacBook Air at the site, and overseas media have released photos of the exterior one after another, so I summarized it.

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◆ Color lineup & appearance of body
The M2-equipped MacBook Air is available in four colors: silver, space gray, starlight, and midnight.

Below is a picture of Midnight. It looks blue depending on how the light hits it.

Seen from the side, it looks like this. Speaking of MacBook Air, 'design that becomes thinner toward the front' was characteristic, but MacBook Air with M2 has a uniform thickness from the back to the front. About this look, TechCrunch said, 'The wedge-shaped shape has been a symbol of the MacBook Air since Jobs took the original MacBook Air out of the envelope. The new MacBook Air has abandoned the wedge-shaped look and the M1 such as the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. It has a linear look similar to a chip-mounted machine. '

The appearance of the starlight is as follows, and it seems that the yellow color becomes stronger depending on how the light hits.

◆ Larger display and notch
The display of the MacBook Air with M1 was 13.3 inches, but the display of MacBook Air with M2 is 13.6 inches, which is a little larger. In addition, the maximum brightness of the display is 500 nits, and the displayable colors are 1 billion colors. The camera is mounted in the notch, similar to the iPhone and MacBook Pro, which makes the bezel thinner. The Verge commented on the thinning of the bezel, 'After looking at the MacBook Air with M2, the bezel of the MacBook Air with M1 looks too thick.'

The camera built into the notch has a resolution of 1080p, which is higher than the 720p of the MacBook Air with M1. Apple emphasizes camera performance as 'the resolution and camera performance in dark places are twice that of the previous generation model.' Engadget says, 'When I started FaceTime and checked the images that could be shot, I felt it was beautiful.' However, in the hands-on corner, it was not possible to verify the performance in a dark place.

◆ Touch ID is built into the power button
On the M2-equipped MacBook Air, Touch ID is built into the power button located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. This power button has a dent, and it is possible to find the power button in a dark place. Engadget reports that the keyboard feels good, 'the keyboard is big enough and the strokes are deep enough.'

◆ Adopted MagSafe
On the left side of the M2-equipped MacBook Air, there is a charging port 'MagSafe' that sticks with magnetic force. In addition, two Thunderbolt ports are installed, and both Thunderbolt ports can be used even while the main unit is charging.

As for the power adapter of M2 equipped MacBook Air, in addition to the usual '30W USB Type-C power adapter', '35W compact power adapter with dual USB-C port' and '67W USB-C power adapter' can be selected as an option. In addition, a cable of the same color as the main body is attached. The picture below is a '35W compact power adapter with dual USB-C ports'.

In addition, the model equipped with '8 core CPU' '8 core GPU' '8 GB unified memory' '256 GB SSD storage' is 164,800 yen including tax, '8 core CPU' '10 core GPU' A model equipped with '8GB Unified Memory' and '512GB SSD Storage' will be released in July 2022 for 208,800 yen including tax. The official sales page has already been published, but reservations have not started at the time of writing the article.

Buy M2-equipped MacBook Air-Apple (Japan) chip installed

In addition, you can check the announcement contents of M2 equipped MacBook Air at WWDC22 at the following link.

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