Weight of about 1.1 kg with a tough body, a new 8-hour driven "Let's Note" actual machine review

Ultra BookThe standard voltage version "Core-i7" equipped with a lighter body of about 1.1 kilometers "Let's Note CF-SX 1(29 thousand 3500 yen including tax) ". The aircraft that has continued minor changes finally renewed the exterior, realized an 8-hour long battery life even with a high-speed start by installing the SSD and an 8-hour battery, and current features packed thoroughly with the functions required of the mobile machine Since it was launched as the PC's strongest class machine, I decided to purchase the actual machine and check its ability.

◆ Photo review

Package is like this, it is in a corrugated cardboard box with possession.


It has Core i 7-2640 M (2.8 GHz), 8 GB memory, 225 GB SSD, Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) is loaded.

The contents are main body and battery × 2, adapter × 2, instruction manual.

From the top, you can see that it is a famous rough top plate in the "Let's Note" series. According to the Panasonic's experiment, this top boardIt will not break even if it is pressed with 100 kg forceIt is safe to say that PC is put in bags from surrounding people when they commute by crowded train so that they are pushed down like gui gig.

By adopting a convex shape at both ends of the display and a concave shape at both ends of the palm rest, both parts are interlocked to protect the liquid crystal from impact.Experiment to drop from a height of 76 cmIt is confirmed that it will not be damaged even if you do.

Looking at the bottom, you can see that the "CF - S10" rectangle has been changed so that the battery that was placed closer to the right side became a bar type and can be attached to the top.

Try removing the battery and this is like this.

When opening the display, there was paper written to connect to the AC adapter when first booting up and setting up the PC. This is because there is a possibility of malfunction of the OS because the power supply is dropped while setting it as battery only drive, so it is necessary to be careful.

It's front. It is equipped with the 12.1-inch non-glare liquid crystal of 1600 × 900 dots and suppresses the reflection of external light which is worrisome when used outdoors.

Equipped with a web camera and a microphone that can make video calls with HD quality of 1280 x 720 pixels.

It is possible to open the display 180 degrees as follows. It was unclear even if I inquired Panasonic how actually it is convenient to use in what situation.

The size of the main body is 295 mm in width × 216.2 mm in length, and it is easy enough to carry around with a woman's hand even if you hold it in a side. Also, since the top board and palm rest have become slightly gritty texture than the old model and it is not slippery, it can be held stably.

Looking at the keyboard from above looks like this. It is not entirely drip-proof which was adopted in "CF - S10" etc etc.

You can see that the vertical width is slightly narrower than "CF - S10" (photo left).

By adopting a "leaf type keyboard" rounded to the upper left and lower right of the key, it is possible to reduce the incidence of moving fingers from the home position and reduce erroneous input.

The key pitch is about 19 mm and there is plenty of room, so when you actually use it, the rigidity is also high and it is also excellent in quietness, so you can key it comfortably.

Operate the mouse cursor with a circular "wheel pad". Since you can scroll by tracing the edge of the pad, it is convenient when browsing the website etc.

"Mini AC adapter" weighs about 131 grams. You can charge the battery only in the power off state or in the hibernation state, so you need to be careful as you can not charge it normally when you are using the PC.

It is almost the size that fits on the palm of your hand.

"Standard AC adapter" weighs about 251 grams. Like the general AC adapter here, you can charge the battery while using the PC.

The size is about 2 larger than the mini.

The combined weight of the "lightweight battery pack (S)" and the main body is about 1095 grams. The notary battery running time is 8 hours. I am surprised to realize almost the same weight as 1080 grams of "MacBook Air" which has a standard voltage version CPU while the display size is a little smaller.

It is about 1296 grams even with "standard battery pack (L)". The notary battery running time when using here is 16 hours.

The combination of "lightweight battery pack (S)" and "mini AC adapter" is about 1227 grams.

It is about 1547 grams even with a combination of "Standard Battery Pack (L)" and "Standard AC Adapter", which we can carry with ease.

Looking at it from the front. From the left is the power switch, wireless LAN switch, earphone terminal, microphone terminal, DVD drive opening / closing switch.

It is like this when opening the DVD drive under the palm rest.

Just with a battery behind.

Among these, the USB 3.0 terminal that is closer to the D-sub can output current at 1.5 A, so it is possible to charge smartphones and other devices in the same time as the AC power supply.

There is a LAN connector on the right side, USB 2.0, SDXC card slot, power supply terminal. As for the "CF - S10" etc., the placement of the power supply terminal and the LAN connector are reversed left and right, so people who switch from the old model may be a bit confused.

The thickest part of the main body is 31.5 mm and it is 7.2 mm thinner than 38.7 mm of "CF - S10 (photo left)".

◆ Usage review

The initial state desktop looks like this. In the picture, the area near the frame of the display is slightly dark, but in actual use it is fine as you can look down from the top if it looks a little bright so the whole will look bright.

Results measured using "Performance Test 7" are as follows. The score is 1253.

The temperature of the palm rest part is about 27 degrees even after maintaining the high load condition for 10 minutes with the benchmark software. It can not be used comfortably because it is not over 36 degrees which is human body temperature.

The results compared with "CF - S10" equipped with Windows 7 (64 bit), Core i 7 2620 M (2.7 GHz), memory 16 GB, HDD 600 GB are as follows. You can see that there is a big difference in items of "Disk Mark" representing the performance of the storage and the advantage of using SSD is demonstrated.

The actual comparison of the start speed with the model "CF - S10" (screen left) equipped with HDD is the following.

Compared the start speed of "Let's Note CF - SX 1" with "CF - S10" - YouTube

If you are planning to purchase a mobile notebook with CPU power and driving for a long time, please check it.

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