Pointed out that Silicon Valley sex and party is an unforgivable "bad design"


In a sex / party held at Silicon Valley, the content that men with power got sexual activity with women without adequate consent was made. Experience designersIda C. Benedetto"Although sex parties themselves are not bad," Mr. points out the problem, "Silicon Valley sex and party is an unforgivable bad design."

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Starting with Mr. Susan Fowler, Uber's engineer, mentioned the company's discrimination against women and harassment in February 2017, problems of Silicon Valley highlight one after another and famous investors and CEOs will resign It was decided. Mr. Steve Julbettson of the venture capitalist is one of them, but in January 2018,Vanity FairReported that Mr. Jul Bettson had been having sex parties at home.

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Men who participated in the party were investors, famous entrepreneurs, senior executives, while women said they were not asked about career and annual income. The ratio of male to female is 1: 2, so it is said that men had enough room to choose women. At the partyMDMAThe person who got high by taking MDMA became a pair of two or three people and disappears into a private room or started acts on the spot. On the next day, some people returned to sex acts as soon as they finished breakfast. About the party "Vegetable meals, drugs, sex has been repeated", Vanity Fair wrote.

However, Mr. Ehlon Mask who revealed that he participated in this party said, "The costume is a corporate party with a theme and it did not look like a sex party."

Meanwhile, according to Emily Chang, a journalist who wrote articles, at this party, there was a scene where men abused power against women. Mr. Chang said that the woman heard the story felt the necessity to participate in the party for her career and said that his agreement was vague from drag and pressure.

Such sex and partiesPower playDespite its successful use, Ida C. Benedetto, an experienced designer says, is not a "well-designed" sex party.

According to Mr. Benedetto, who was comparing sex, party, trip of wilderness, funeral and so on to explore 'social experience to change human beings', such experiential designs are "to risk themselves to risk" It is important that the group can control himself ". Whether you are a sex or a party or a funeral of your grandfather, you say that there is "treasure", "encouragement" and "mercilessness" in the process of excellent experiences.

A well-designed sex / party is composed considering "participant's sexual hope" and "how you want to communicate with others". Such parties are for sexually mature participantsGame changerIf you participate in a badly designed sex party, people feel "forced" or you will regret badly the next day you participate. And while having a desire to "connect with others" at a sex / party with a good design, it is said that it is important to face social risks such as disappointment and rejection.

However, at the Silicon Valley party written by Mr. Chang, participants have different social risks. In such a case, "forced" or "abuse of power" will be born unless everyone equally removes the risk or gives power to some people so that the party does not affect the daily world. about. Mr. Benedetto says from experiences that good parties do not require compulsion and peeping with moderation is permitted and in that case people will act in an open place and the viewer will violate the other person's personal space I do not say. Such a feature is not seen in the Silicon Valley party.

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Also, firmly managed parties will be sent an agreement by e-mail beforehand or orientation will be held at the entrance. Surroundings of the private room are surrounded by witnesses who are able to hand condoms right away, and participants are told that there are people who are asked for help if they feel a little uneasy.

As "investors and entrepreneurs" socially and monotonically powerful people "are dreams of solitary teenagers, but because they actually have the power of social elegance and interpersonal skills It can not be ignored to ignore. A well-designed sex / party, if it is originally a system that does not promote abuse of power, but supports interpersonal. By the rules stipulated, participants will be able to listen to and honor the people around them while controlling their wishes. If my behavior goes beyond a line, it is not mocked from the surroundings, but it is corrected with a respectful and cooperative action.

Women who originally participated in the party should be able to ask how the party is functioning and where they can exit and respect men with respect in words. However, in the Silicon Valley party, it is a big problem to omit the process by using drag. Although the sex part itself is not to be denied, Benedetto stated that it is never permitted for people working in Silicon Valley to design technologies that affect society to do this It is.

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