The number of subscribers does not have much to do with YouTube revenue, how to get a stable income even if the number of subscribers is small?

Many of the people who often watch movies on YouTube have probably heard YouTuber say 'Please subscribe!' At the end. Many creators who post movies on YouTube attach great importance to the number of subscribers, but YouTuber's Crystal Washer explained that 'the number of subscribers is not so important for YouTube revenue.' We are teaching you how to earn stable profits even if the number of registered channels is small.

How Much I Earn As a Small YouTuber with 7,231 Subscribers | by Krystal Wascher | The Post-Grad Survival Guide | Oct, 2020 | Medium

◆ What is more important than the number of registered channels?
Mr. Washer's main business is a lawyer and writer, but he is also a YouTuber who posts how-to movies on the YouTube channel Create with Krystal alongside his lawyer business. That said, Create with Krystal has 7231 subscribers as of late October 2020, and Washer has posted only five movies since the 2016 channel opened. I haven't posted a new movie for over a year since I posted my last movie in October 2019.

It's not a lot of subscribers or prolific, but Mr. Washer earns a stable revenue of around $ 500 a month on YouTube.

Mr. Washer has gained 5,000 subscribers since the beginning of 2020, but as mentioned above, Mr. Washer is making stable monthly revenue of $ 500, so the increase in subscribers is profitable. You can see that it does not have a great effect on.

Sure, the more channels you subscribe to, the more viewers will see it when you upload a new movie, but for people like Washer who don't post movies often, the benefits are insignificant. It's a movie. There is also a YouTube channel that says, 'Although it has a large number of channel registrations, the number of views per movie is not so high', but like Mr. Washer, 'the number of channel registrations is constant even if it is small People who say 'I'm earning the number of views' have more profits.

That's why Washer says, 'Movie views are far more important than channel subscriptions to make money on YouTube.'

◆ The point is to focus on a specific topic
Mr. Washer said from the experience of watching a number of YouTuber movies that explain 'how to make money', 'what kind of topic is covered' is important for profit. I noticed.

This has to do with YouTube's adoption of an auction-style advertising system. For example, at the time of writing an article, many advertisers are using YouTube to promote the sale of 'teaching materials programs.' Therefore, how-to movies such as 'How to buy stocks for beginners' are flooded with bids from many advertisers, and as a result, advertising revenue per play is also high.

According to a survey by market research firm

Media Shark, the average cost per mille ( CPM ) paid by an advertiser for every 1000 movies played is $ 6-8. On the other hand, Mr. Washer's Create with Krystal channel specializes in how-to movies, so the CPM is also very high at $ 90 (about 9400 yen).

The RPM, which is the revenue per 1000 views minus YouTube's share, is $ 48.56 (about 5,000 yen), so Mr. Washer calculates that he earns about $ 0.05 (about 5 yen) for each movie played. However, this is also quite high from the average of YouTuber.

From this, Washer said, 'It's good to talk about life and work on different types of movies for creativity, but make more money with fewer subscriptions and views. If you want, you should focus on niche topics with high ad spend. '

◆ How can I get my movie found?
As mentioned above, Mr. Washer has succeeded in earning a certain number of views despite the small number of subscriptions. For this, it is important to take SEO measures for YouTube, which is to have viewers find movies by searching.

There are two main ways for YouTube viewers to reach a movie: 'Search on YouTube' and 'Related videos'. Therefore, when posting a movie, Mr. Washer is trying to enter the title he is trying to give in the search field and check what kind of movie title is displayed as a candidate. This candidate is based on the words that many people are searching for, so if you include the words that appear in the candidates in the title, it will be easier for the movie to hit the search.

Mr. Washer also sorts the search results by 'view count' and checks the title of the movie displayed at the top. By making the title similar to the movie you are watching often, it is more likely that your movie will appear in the 'related videos' of the person who watched the movie.

The '

types of traffic sources ' that represent the reason why viewers arrived at Mr. Washer's movie are as follows. Forty-three percent of those who watched Mr. Washer's movie came from 'related videos,' and 20% came from 'browsing features.' There was also a 10% inflow from 'YouTube search,' which means searching in the search field.

◆ Summary
'I've always kept'quality over quantity'in mind,' Washer said at the end. Some YouTubers think, 'You have to post a movie every day to get YouTube approval.' However, it's difficult to upload high-quality movies frequently. I admit that I would have made more money if I posted the movies every few days or weeks. It's true that even the five movies I made with just a handful of effort and time are tied to a certain amount of income. '

On top of that, Mr. Washer said, 'On YouTube, the'total play time'of a movie is important. If you make a movie with enough entertainment or educational value to attract viewers, then YouTube Will promote your content. '

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