Wikipedia will lose 3 billion access via Google search in 2019

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SimilarWeb reports, 'Wikipedia lost 3 billion accesses in 2019 due to organic search via Google.'

How Wikipedia Lost 3 Billion Organic Search Visits To Google in 2019 | Hacker Noon

Founded in 2001, Wikipedia has stocked a lot of information as an online encyclopedia used by people all over the world. While the amount of information on Wikipedia continues to grow, the number of users visiting Wikipedia has continued to decline in recent years. The monthly PV of Wikipedia from PC was 2.2 billion, but it decreased to 1.9 billion in January 2020 (14% decrease).

According to a survey by SimilarWeb, Wikipedia has lost more organic search-derived traffic over the last 24 months. The reason for this is, when you search for some kind of word in the Google search, happy to see the information that is displayed on the search results page, ending without clicking the site page '

zero-click scan located in'.

For example, when you search for actor Eddie Murphy, you are satisfied with the information displayed on the search result screen and do not visit any site page is a zero-click search.

The number of accesses via Wikipedia's organic search began to decline around 2015, and this is due to the content that enhances the information on the search result page, such as the knowledge graph and direct answer introduced by Google in Google search. .. A system such as Knowledge Graph or Direct Answers, which can provide some information on the search result page, is useful for users who are searching for information on the Web, but for many websites that consist of access counts Not the ideal shape.

In fact, according to SimilarWeb, out of about 890,000, only 30,000 (about 3.4%) led to a website visit, and the rest were satisfied with zero-click search. I will. One of the benefits of knowledge graphs and direct answers is weather forecasts. When you search 'Los Angeles weather' with Google search, you can easily check the weather forecast, so many people say that they have less opportunity to visit weather information sites. The Weather Channel provides Los Angeles weather information to Google, and of the users who actually searched for Los Angeles weather information, only 15% of the users visited The Weather Channel. In other words, 85% are satisfied with the information obtained by zero-click search.

To find out more about the impact of zero-click searches, SimilarWeb searched Wikipedia for the most popular keywords from organic searches. Below are the top 20, with celebrities, movies and TV series lined up, with Freddie Mercury being the most searched.

If you search for Freddie Mercury on Google Search, you can see Wikipedia pages and YouTube movies. Wikipedia's 'Freddie Mercury' page is one of the most viewed pages, but 71% of users who searched for 'Freddie Mercury' on Google were satisfied with zero-click search and visited individual websites It is not.

In 2015, when zero-click search started to increase, Google dropped more than 550 million Wikipedia visits in just six months. According to SimilarWeb, Wikipedia has lost more than 3 billion accesses via Google's organic search in 2019 due to the influence of zero-click search.

There are many factors other than the knowledge graph and direct answer that reduce the number of accesses due to zero-click search, and one of them is the YouTube embedded video displayed at the top of Google's search result page. SimilarWeb writes, 'YouTube is the toughest competitor for Wikipedia,' as a link to the video appears at the top of the search results page.

There should be multiple factors other than zero-click search and YouTube that are depriving Wikipedia of the number of accesses, but since the number of accesses has decreased drastically over the five years from around 2015, SimilarWeb says ``Google is a search traffic You can see how much influence you have on it.'

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