We announced a list of companies paying a large amount of advertising expenses to Google, Amazon is unavailable

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In addition to search engines, GoogleGoogle ChromeYaAndroid,Google Chrome OSWe are developing various services such as. However, the main source of funds is online advertising programGoogle AdWordsAd Age DataCenter publishes data on companies that pay a large amount of advertising expenditure on this.

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According to the data collected by Ad Age DataCenter, the top 25 who paid a lot of advertising expenses to Google's AdWords among American companies in 2013 are as follows. Amazon paid the most advertising expenditure, which amount was $ 157.7 million (about 17.1 billion yen). It paid the second most advertisement costPriceline GroupIt is about twice the size. In addition, AT & T in 3rd place, Microsoft etc in ranking in 5th place, Yahoo! who is offering search engines like Google as ranked in 19 ranked in 19th place. In addition, it is 1.34 billion dollars (about 145.2 billion yen) even if totaling only the top 25 advertising expenses.

In addition, Amazon paid Google for 19.5 million dollars (about 2.1 billion yen) in July 2014 and also paid 1.2 million dollars (about 130 million yen) for Microsoft's Bing It is said that.

Graphing these data shows you how much advertising spending Amazon is penetrating. In addition, many companies related to traveling are ranked in the top 25, which is considered to be because they are advertising to link to services such as "purchase airline tickets" and "reserve hotels" I will.

According to eMarketer dealing with digital related data, Amazon has raised total revenue of 750 million dollars (about 81.3 billion yen) from its advertising platform in 2013, and this amount reaches 1 billion It is estimated to exceed the dollar (about 108.4 billion yen).

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