While the search result page of Google is enriched, the rate of clicks is decreasing


Benjamin Dada

Looking up the name of a celebrity you did not know on Google, there is a knowledge graph card that gathers information such as name and occupation, date of birth and birth place, death date and place if it has already died, award history and family information It shows. There is a lot of information other than people's names, but on the other hand, we found that the clickthrough rate of the page displayed in the search results has decreased.

Less than Half of Google Searches Now Result in a Click | SparkToro

This fact was pointed out by

Spark Fisho 's Land Fishkin , who handles the SEO and marketing business. The data is from Jumpshot , which Mr. Fishkin used in his previous company Moz.

The decline in user traffic from Google search results pages has been raised as an issue in the US Congress. David Sicilini said to Google ’s Adam Cohen: `` In 2004, Larry Page said, `` I want Google to quickly find the information I need and move from Google to the search results page. '' 'Does this accurately indicate Google's guidelines?' 'Is it true that the move from Google search results pages to non-Google pages is less than 50% in the United States?' Prepared the question 'Is it true that Apple has paid $ 20 billion (about 2 trillion yen) to make it the default search engine in Safari since January 2018?', 'Yes' 'No' ''

But Google didn't answer this question with a 'Yes / No', so disappointed Fishkin gathered data with Jumpshot to show what was actually happening. According to Fishkin, more than 40 million searches performed on millions of PCs and mobile devices in June 2019 accounted for 50.33% of cases where search results were not clicked.

The situation in the past three years is slightly different between PC and mobile, although there is no change on PC, organic search on mobile decreased by 20%, while paid advertising increased threefold, and the problem of `` zero click search '' also greatly It has increased to.

Mr. Fishkin, an SEO contractor, responded by 'finding ways to gain value from zero-click search' 'finding keywords with high clickthrough rate in search results' 'YouTube, image search, map, AMP, knowledge panel, etc. Optimize content with Google ’s unique properties ”.

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