Google generates 500 billion yen annually by searching from a tablet


Google searches once, 12 cents will be Google's revenueIt was 2006 that there was a story called. At this time Google's search count was 2.7 billion times per month, so it was about 300 million yen, which was about 38.3 billion yen in terms of Japanese yen conversion, but now Google sees only $ 5 billion (about 4700 It is said that it is producing 100 million yen).

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Report: Google Search Will Generate $ 5 Billion From Tablets - Digits - WSJ

This is a survey of marine software that provides online advertising platform.

According to the report, the effectiveness of the advertisement dispatched to the tablet terminal improved by 31% between 2012 and the conversion rate (the result of how much purchase, user registration etc arrived at access from the advertisement The percentage shown), advertisements for desktop PCs are in a situation where the shadows are getting thinner. In terms of concrete figures, the conversion rate for advertisements for tablet devices in 2012 is 3.3%, while that for desktop PCs is 3.9%.

For now, the tablet advertisement price is cheaper than the desktop for about 17%, which is expected to be nearly equal by the end of 2013.

"Advertisers have already budgeted tablets more than smartphones," said Mr. Matt Lawson, Marin's chief marketing executive. Mr. Lawson analyzed the content, "Whether Tablet showed more work than expected, or whether smartphone was not as expected as expected". Because it is difficult to track what the click rate of smartphone conversion rate does not improve, it seems that Google and other technical companies are trying to solve this problem.

The reason why the number of Google searches from tablets has increased is basically attributed to Google being set as the default search engine. The rate of clicks from tablets to ads displayed on Google search was 10.7% in the US, but by the end of 2013 more people will use iPad and Android tablet, so if you increase to 20% We are predicting. According to the analysis, this increase trend will accelerate the advantage over Google's Bing (Microsoft's search engine).

By the way, Google's total advertising revenue in 2012 is 40 billion dollars (about 3.7 trillion yen), according to last autumn's comment, the revenue from mobile terminals is $ 8 billion a year (about 750 billion dollars).

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