News that Apple is developing 'in-house search engine' at a rapid pace

by Kārlis Dambrāns

The Financial Times, a British economic newspaper, reported that Apple is working on developing its own search engine after the US Justice Ministry has filed a lawsuit against Google for antitrust violations.

Apple develops alternative to Google search | Financial Times

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On October 20, 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice broke Google's antitrust law, saying that 'Google illegally maintains a monopoly in the search and search advertising market through anti-competitive and exclusive practices.' I filed a lawsuit on suspicion. The Justice Department said that the Sherman Act, which is the core of the antitrust law in the United States, will be applied to Google, and positions this proceeding as a 'large-scale proceeding in history' equivalent to the AT & T proceedings in 1974 and the Microsoft proceedings in 1998. I did.

Google is sued by the Justice Department for 'antitrust violations'-GIGAZINE

by Thomas Hawk

In a lawsuit against Google, the Justice Department claimed that Apple's contract to set the default search engine to Google promotes Google's monopoly, so Apple is 'in-house search engine' Financial Times reports that it is developing at a rapid pace. As a proof of that, the search that can be executed on the home screen of iOS 14 will display 'unique search results' that Apple built by analyzing the search results of its own users by machine learning, and go to the website. The direct link of is displayed.

In addition, Apple appointed John Giannandrea, head of search and machine learning at Google, as senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy in April 2018, and recruitment for search engineers. Frequently advertising and recruiting human resources who can 'define and implement the architecture of Apple's breakthrough search technology', and the activity of the web crawler ' Applebot ' used for database construction such as web pages 'In recent years, Apple has stepped up its move to develop its own search engine,' said Financial Times, citing an unusually high level of activity.

Although Apple and Google are rivals in the OS market for smartphones, Apple has set Google as the default search engine for iOS. For this setting, Google will pay Apple an estimated $ 8 billion to $ 12 billion to 'set the default search engine to Google'. Because it is tied.

Google continues to pay Apple a fair amount to keep its default search engine position-GIGAZINE

'Apple has its own browser, Safari, so it's one of the few companies that has the resources to index websites,' Financial Times said. Apple will build its own search engine. Pointed out that the hurdle is low compared to other companies. But on the other hand, 'even though the hurdles are low, search engines need a system that sifts through 20 to 50 billion web page data and ranks them in milliseconds, so Apple tells Google. It's difficult to catch up. '

Like Apple, Mozilla, which provides its own browser 'Firefox,' has mentioned the possibility of reviewing Firefox's default search on suspicion of violating antitrust laws against Google.

Mozilla considers 'entanglement' dangerous after Google has been sued for antitrust violations-GIGAZINE

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