Caramel corn "Matcha milk" and "Honey milk", I tried two flavors finished in vivid colors

A new flavor of caramel corn "Caramel Corn · Matcha Milk Taste" and "Caramel Corn Honey Milk Taste" were released on February 11 for a limited time. It is a caramel cone wrapped in a bright spring package, but I tried to eat and see what it is finished.

New flavor perfect for spring! "Caramel Corn · Matcha Milk Taste" "Caramel Corn · Honey Milk Taste" New Limited Release

This is the newly released "Caramel Corn Honey Milk Taste" and "Caramel Corn · Matcha Milk Taste". Both are colorful packages.

First of all, it is from Matcha milk taste. Illustrations of matcha and milk are also drawn in the package. The calorie is 423.9 kcal per 75 g.

When opening it, inside is a bright green like the package.

I tried it a lot.

In addition to powdered green tea powder, green tea paste is included in the raw material, and it is said that plus powdered green tea powder after adding honey containing Uji math and condensed milk on the dough. Because honey is tangled, it does not feel "bitter!" At the moment of eating, but the flavor of Matcha is rather firm and the bitter aftertaste remained.

Next is honey milk.

When putting it on a plate it looks like this. It is a slightly creamy caramel cone. The calorie is 416 kcal per 75 g, slightly less than the powdered tea milk.

Acacia honey and condensed milk are used for honey, fluffy sweetness. It is easier to eat because it is assimilated from the green tea milk, but I also feel the honey flavor properly. Because honey feels fluffy, it seems that people who are not good at that taste can eat without problems.

I also tried normal caramel corn.

Compared with eating, the crispy texture and sweet melting sweetness are the same, but both Matcha Milk and Honey Milk taste completely different from ordinary caramel corn. So it seems that you can eat it without getting tired even if you can open it three at once.

You can understand the difference in color of three arranged. Because it is colorful, it seems to be okay if it gets served on a dish during a small gathering.

Feeling like a signal.

In addition, only the usual caramel cone contained peanuts.

While looking at the vividness of appearance, neither flavor is too weak, it is not too weak, it has become a taste to feel the flavor of each, so it seems that it can be deliciously eaten by children and adults as a snack at 3 o'clock.

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