Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals that it plans to appeal to oil companies on the grounds of global warming

byGege Skidmore

movies"Terminator"CommandoAnd starred in numerous movies, and is also a former governor in CaliforniaArnold SchwarzeneggerMr. Mike revealed that he is preparing to appeal to the oil company on the grounds that "oil companies are trying to kill people around the world intentionally by causing global warming."

Schwarzenegger to Sue Big Oil for 'First Degree Murder' - POLITICO Magazine

A podcast publicly recorded at the event "South by Southwest" (SXSW) held in March every year in Austin, Texas "Politico's Off Message"Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as a talk guest. In the talk, Mr. Schwarzenegger said, "The tobacco industry had hidden its facts for many years despite knowing that smoking is harmful, and as a result of litigation, hundreds of millions of dollars "The oil company has been aware of it since 60 years ago that fossil fuels cause global warming and mankind will be destroyed."

byMark McNestry

"It is absolutely irresponsible that the oil companies are not presenting warning labels like cigarettes.All products using fossil fuels, such as cars and gas stations, must have a warning label. There is no big difference between cigarette and fossil fuel.When you enter the room and want to kill someoneFirst grade homicideis. I think that fossil fuel is the same thing. "

Mr. Schwarzenegger said, "We will pursue an oil company thoroughly like Alibamadi mite," he also revealed that he is talking with several law firms in preparation for litigation against oil companies . However, it is unclear what Mr. Oil company is going to sue.

Mr. Schwarzenegger was not the first politician who appealed to the oil company, but in January 2018 the Mayor of New YorkBill DebrasioMr. "To protect citizens of New York from the influence of climate change", against BP, Chevron Conoco Philips Exxon Mobil Royal Dutch ShellI am suing a lawsuit.

bySteven Stralton

Mr. Schwarzenegger is also critical of President Trump, and while referring to the new work of "Terminator" scheduled to start shooting in June, 2018, "A new card" Terminator "will appear I rewrote the script as well.T - 800 played by me plays a time travel from the future to 2019 to put cards out of jail "is also skipping.

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