'The oil company is not charged for climate change responsibility' will be decided, because the reason 'Mankind has received many benefits from oil' because

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Climate change centered on global warming is thought to be related largely to an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and it is said that most of it is produced from fossil fuels such as petroleum . In a lawsuit in which two cities in the state of California, USA, were raising five major oil companies to ask about climate change responsibility and compensation, because "Mankind has enjoyed many benefits from oil so far" A decision to dismiss an action was indicated.

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This case was caused by San Francisco City of California and Auckland City as a plaintiff, and defendants are five companies, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell. The plaintiffs complained that each oil company caused public illegal disturbance, and demanded funds to devote to infrastructure development corresponding to sea level rise.

Judge William Al - Sup, who is in charge of litigation, acknowledged that fossil fuels are the cause of global warming and sea level rise in the judgment, but pointed out that this case does not solve environmental problems. And, "This problem is a bigger solution than the district court and the jury system dealing with public annoyance problems" was indicated, and dismissed the plaintiff's action. Judge Alsap also noted that "the court refrains from judging to support the legislative and administrative solutions," and the judiciary states that the judgment should be left to other officials.

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The five defendants who had received an appeal claim that the plaintiff's complaint was "inappropriate". In addition, the National Association of Manufacturers, who had dealt with this case very critically, said he was highly appreciative of this decision. Jay Timmons, Chief Executive of the Association said: "Just since this unfounded lawsuit was filed, we have insisted that the court is not a suitable place to tackle this global challenge "I said.

While Judge Alsap said that climate change is an important worldwide issue, "Our industrial revolution and the development of the modern world have been supported by oil and coal." "Without these resources, All the monumental progress we have left was impossible, "he says, indicating that the company has not been asked responsibly. Furthermore, based on this judgment, the judge stated, "Is it truly fair to ignore our own responsibility of using fossil fuels and direct the responsibility for global warming to those who supplied what we requested? Even if selling fossil fuel is irrational, is it really fair in light of the profit? "

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