Headline news on 13th March 2018

On Saturday and Sunday, March 24, 2018, at the Expo Memorial Park Natural Cultural Park "World Expo Railway Festival 2018"is held. In addition to the mini Hankyu train test drive corner set at the festival square, various railroad original goods, parts and goods sale, diorama running experience etc. are done. Event participation itself is free, but 250 yen for adults and 70 yen for elementary and junior high school students are required as admission fee for natural cultural park. In addition, "Burger EXPO" will be held where 16 shops where the West Japan Hamburger Society recommends in the same schedule will be opened.

World Expo Railway Festival 2018 | Exposure Memorial Park

Burger EXPO | Expo Memorial Park

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A study result that drinking coffee can prevent dementia - GIGAZINE

DeNA's 'WELQ' awesome management status · article creation manual · brush up project etc. It knows the brilliant survey report which breakthrough 300 pages can be downloaded - GIGAZINE

Diego of the Galapagos Islands "Diego" who saved seeds from extinction after leaving more than 300 descendants after 100 years old - GIGAZINE

I went to the aerial running track "Air Truck" anyone can use for free - GIGAZINE

Ice BAR, I taste it under liqueur on ice, I experienced a new experience of alcohol and ice in "Milk Village" in Sapporo · Susukino - GIGAZINE

Google official extension to display worldwide drawing when opening new tab in Chrome "Google Art Project" - GIGAZINE

A backdoor that allows you to view and delete data in "Galaxy series" is discovered - GIGAZINE

Web designer Tim Bernards-Lee answers one after another after coming to the bulletin board as "Do you have a question?" - GIGAZINE

The buyer freely puts a price at a discount price · barter, personal delivery · free thing etc. Ali's "GarageSale" is freedom too - GIGAZINE

New studies on male preferred bust size, men who like big breast women clearly have a tendency to female contempt - GIGAZINE

What is "KONY 2012" to accuse a girl as a sex slave, a boy as a fighter soldier, by social? - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Fossil of the chicks of the dinosaur days, the diversity surpassing the usual is found | National Geographic Japan Edition site

Mask by Mr. Mask in World War III pictures to help preserve civilization outside the earth photo International News: AFPBB News

Potential for liver cell "rejuvenation" to lead to successful treatment regimen | NHK News

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Mr. Akie, "Only questions about opposition parties" is "Like!": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Shozo Abe's Prime Minister's wife, Mr. Akie 's facebook (FB) said, "Husband is serious every day, with only the unclear questions of the opposition parties, which is hard for everyone in the National Assembly, there are too many people who can not read ahead" "There is a post that wrote it, and it is understood from Mr. Akie's account that the" Like "button is pressed on 13th.

Ruling party refuses to summon the witnesses of the prime minister - Kyodo News

The document was made to be rewritten ... "Suicide" staff Memo: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Constitutional Democratic Party | [Source] Survey results on decisions made by the Ministry of Finance

According to the suspicion of rewriting the decision document on the state-owned land transaction of the school corporation "Moriho Gakuen" on 12th, the Ministry of Finance released the "results of investigation on decision documents" submitted to the Diet, "status of rewriting decision documents" To do.

"Morigoto" Document rewrite Overall findings of the Finance Ministry's findings posted | NHK NEWS WEB

14 sentences that the Ministry of Finance has allowed to rewrite have a total of 78 pages together.
Approximately 310 places where the original document was scraped or rewritten are counted for each series of sentences and wordings.

Suicide official "Common sense was broken" Last summer I will disclose to my relatives - Kyodo News

Treasury bureaucrat 'Wife of boss, subordinates protect' Background of tampering: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The Ministry of Finance called "the strongest government office" was handling illegally to tamper with public documents over state-owned transactions with Morihito Gakuen. Movement is spreading even within the province in the act of decreasing trust. It is certain that the eyes of distrust of the people spread throughout Kasumigaseki and eventually the entire administration.

Documents after rewriting "Morigoto" approval document prosecution | NHK News

The issue of the Ministry of Finance's decision on the sale of state-owned land to "Moriho Gakuen" was rewritten, initially the fact that the Treasury Department's submission to the prosecution authorities was that after the document was rewritten, I got it by coverage. The prosecution seems to be confirming the circumstances of rewriting by grasping the existence of the document before rewriting and obtaining it.

About democracy in Japan that was already dead - Thinking of Ministry of Finance ministry of document tampering - Reading Diet

Mr. Murakami Liberal Democratic Party "Clearly, all departures should be taken by Prime Minister Abe" | NHK News

Kobe Shimbun NEXT | Comprehensive | Himeji / Matsuura City Municipal, criticism of correspondence of Morihito's intention to withdraw from LDP

"Mori" Reaction of the Minister 's Reactions | NHK News

What is the topic "decision document" in the Mori matters problem, why rewriting is a problem | News Three-way mirror | Diamond Online

On March 12, the Ministry of Finance reported a rewrite on suspicion of rewriting the decision documents on the sale of Morihito Gakuen's state-owned land. Report on this subject is overheated, but what is the "decision document" of the Office in the first place? A former bureaucrat's author explains.

(Editorial) Document Tampering of the Ministry of Finance The cornerstone of democracy breaks down: Asahi Shimbun Digital

For example, Mr. Sagawa, who was part of the staff of the Bureau of Intellectual Property Division, who was rewritten, the final director was the director. As Mr. Aso said, important points remain missing as to who tampered with the instructions.

Editorial: Ministry of Finance's Mori Fum Document Tampering Legislative Deceive Unprecedented Sin - Mainichi Shimbun

LDP General Council, to the unexpected offer to the official residence seeking truth clear: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Aso Finance Minister: To G20 absence - Mainichi Newspaper

"Eliminate unfair political intervention" - Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda speaks - Power of record - Asahi Shimbun GLOBE

- What does it mean by relationship with a foreign country to keep records properly

If Japan is a country where facts have been accumulated, it will be necessary to trust Japan. On the contrary, it seems that it is hidden if you think that it is hiding inconvenient things. Japan thinks that there is a place that is not trusted because there are times when the war has burned inconvenient documents. A considerable number of years are necessary to recover the honor, which requires accumulation.

Injunctive relocation to Henoko, not permitted by Okinawa prefecture requested Naha District Court - Okinawa: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Meat collective food poisoning, compensation order 170 million yen, Tokyo District Court - Kyodo News

Difficulty to show the draft Article 9 clause to the party convention and LDP executives - Kyodo News

CNN.co.jp: WHO put in preparation for preparation for unknown infectious disease "disease X"

Infant problem in the floor, unusual speed correspondence Kumamoto city council, revised rule in 4 months [Kumamoto Prefecture] - West Japan Shimbun

The Kumamoto City Council revised the rules to approve the rules not allowing babies to attend during the conference on the 12th.

US-North Korea talks "in a neutral place" US Secretary of State | NHK News

【Please be careful!】 A man was hiding in a private room at the public toilet of the station on the way! ! - Togetter

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Read "I ran away from mathematics" - north-memo

Does a table named "Kurowa, Hikiki" that is becoming commonplace in elementary school mathematics education make a child useless? - Togetter

Interesting Food Relations Law Gossip: Philosophy News nwk

【New Culture】 - Mr. Yume Makura, Make a Newspaper 1 Page Advertisement at Own Expenses

Upon the publication of "STAR EGG star Egg sama" 2004/10/8 Hirotsugu Mori "Egrets of the Star" Reason for zero royalties

So, what about using the money I give out and advertising on newspapers and TV? I tried to propose it, but it took off to the Board of Directors of the publisher, and I was still not admitted. You can understand the position of the publisher well. If you allow such selfish things, it will affect normal publishing work. I wonder not to make a strange precedent. But after such interaction, it seems that my earnestness has been understood. It was also able to advertise widely than usual.

"It is tasty ..." Osaka specialty 551 Horai's pig milk may not be able to eat on the Shinkansen - Togetter

Voice of surprise at death of "80-in prisoners" at juvenile prison ... Actually unknown - lawyer dot com

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Unmanned convenience store which is in the timing of culling - China IT latest situation

Browser trends that media advertising staff should pay attention to - pixiv inside

I wrote US / UI improvements in Foursquare, and the story that the e-mail came from the personnel as well as the founder - Observation diary of Gray Heidi

KDDI will enter the high-price cancellation commerce law or forcibly withdraw the cost of 28,800 yen at the time of cancellation of au Hikari by revising the contract: market situation kabu full strength 2 stories

A story about the fact that the selected technology died in a year |

Well, "The lifespan of the framework is hard to understand at the time of choice" "Is it better to choose the betters that everyone uses better than what I think is the best if you care about lifespan?" that's all.

Discard AWS and resurrect, Drop Box Listing | Nikkei x TECH (Cross Tech)

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Comment that the Consumer Affairs Agency does not fall under "e-pros" prize money "regardless of professional or amateur" premium - DAMONGE

The main system of Nintendo Switch is upgraded to "5.0.0"! I will introduce new functions. | Topics | Nintendo

Report on Card Illustrations of 'Cleaning Stigmoid' | News | Shadowverse 【Shadow Bath | Shadow Ba】 Official Site | Cygames

On 10th March we released a new card "Cleaning Stigmoid" with Taiwan's Web show "Shadowverse" and "Shadowverse" Twitter Official Account, and some of the illustrations were from Wizards · I was pointed out that it closely resembles the card illustration of the "Magic: The Gathering" content of Obama the Coast.
As a result of conducting an in-house survey upon receiving your remarks, we have confirmed the fact that diversion of illustration was done in the card "Stifle of purification".

TV Anime "Crossing Time" PV - YouTube

"Kalafina" Fissile Producer's Departure Credit Crack: Sports Bulletin

Since Mr. Kajiura 's departure was reported in December last year, members have been swayed by whether they will remain in the office or leave the office. Missing Mr. Kajiura who got confidence in all widths, making music as ever impossible. Members who doubt the existence of Mr. Kajiura's absence will decide to withdraw from the end of this month and will be divided.

# Recognition of the wonderfulness of the "Yagyu clan's conspiracy" thanks to the poppetpic game "A movie that overturned the Toei shooting center where a strong public estate is out of the standard" - Togetter

Active population college student who is in charge of "popte picpic" game part "It may be socially obliterated someday" ── What is the thought given to parody and source of story [Yamashita Ryo interview]

Actually, I got a lot of game makers for job hunting, but they all fell down. As a result, it was decided to be indebted to a video system company.

"Final Fantasy Explorers Force" launch trailer - YouTube

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)

Inamura Ami Senior Little League Beginning Ball Ceremony Event Report | Asai Planning | Talent · Performer · Cultural Person Entertainment Production

This time, from the people who saw the video about the senior Little League starting ball ceremony
I am surprised that the response beyond imagination has arrived.
Thank you very much for your concern, there are also different information from the facts,
I am also puzzled.

Where players rushed to me and asked for a handshake,
It was a fact that the majority of the participants had flowed in, and I also lost the balance,
I am not injured by myself and there is nothing like crushing.
Indeed, things such as being written by walking alone on the net (act of molestation)
There was no.

However, it is regrettable as it seems there was a player who was injured and injured.

Although the eyes of criticism are directed to people and players managed by SNS etc.,
We have already received words of apology from officials through our office.
I hope you will be able to watch the improvement quietly in the future.

I think that there are various opinions, too? I am also fond of baseball,
Everyone athletes think that their feelings are the same.
I would be happy if the operation and the players cooperate and make it a safe and enjoyable event.

Ami Inamura

Movie '3D Real Girl' Super Specials 【HD】 September 14th (Friday) released - YouTube

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
"Nissin Kima Curry Messy Spicy" (released on 26th March) | Nissin Food Group

April 3 (Tue) · "Tropicana Pure Premium" will be renewed package design from May 8th (Tue), renewal launched | 2018 | News release | Tropicana Tropicana

Balance between design and visibility. Launched the new color bicycle "211-R-GY" aiming for monotone sporty. | Beads Co., Ltd. | be-s.co.jp

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