Producer Fukuhara of Yao Yoroz who gave birth to "Kemono Friends" proposes a "partnership method" to replace the Production Committee

"Content Business Education Society2017 Spring Games "was held on March 12, 2018 (Monday).

Nippon Electronic College,Toki Gakuen Film College,Shohoku Junior College,Digital Hollywood University,Josai International International University,Cultural Fashion Graduate UniversityA research presentation by students / faculty members of students and teachers was held, an animation production company · Yao YorozuKeiji FukuharaMade a presentation entitled "Partnership Method to Change to Production Committee System".

Keynote speech: Keynote lecture: Hiro Matsuyama's "Human Resource Development at the Front Line of the World" | Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.

Yao Yorozu

The venue was the 3rd building of Josai International International University

A total of 18 research presentations were held until the keynote lecture was over after opening at 10 o'clock and past 17 o'clock.

One of them is announced by Mr. Fukuhara.

"Yao Yorozu" was established in 2012, "Quick ball title robot animation"Idea Diva"Please wait! Club activities"Love rice - WE LOVE RICE -"In addition to the work such as" 2017 "a big hit"Beast friends"Known for its production.

Mr. Fukuhara first pointed out that the recent animation market has a lot of problems behind it looking strong like recording sales of 2.9 trillion yen.

In particular,
1:Low wage employment problem of animators. Because young salary is around 6 to 70,000 yen a month, it is difficult to eat.
2:The animation studio has a structure that can not possess the right. Moreover, it can not be utilized even if it can possess the right.
3:Producer's talent shortage. Particularly due to lack of business sense of line producers who manage budget, the site will be in deficit form.
Four:Distribution sales in China, which had been the biggest factor in recent revenue increase, is on a downward trend. There is a rumor that the national newspaper publication Public Hiroden Directorate strictens Japanese anime review and only checks are done three months before broadcasting and delivery and OK works are OK. If this is done, even if you plan to distribute regularly three months after the judgment is over, pirated editions are on the market around that time and nobody sees it.
Five:The publisher, which should be in a position where the merit of animation is great, has not become a custom of linking flexible agreement on the original royalties.
6:The fee percentage at the time of overseas distribution is fixed while the sales are small, and the overseas distribution does not correspond to the current situation that accounts for the majority of income.
7:The quality of the original is exhausted due to the increase in the number of whole works, and the staff engaged in the work is short.
...... There seems to be a problem.

The animation production system is not one form, and several styles have been born. For example, the mainstream until the early 1990s is making animation centered on TV stations and sponsor companies. In the mid-1990s, the "mainstream production method" which is now mainstream was born. The feature of the Production Committee system is that multiple companies make equity investments and have rights at various points of contact. The center of business is a package maker that sells video grams such as VHS, LD · DVD · Blu-ray, etc. In addition to diversifying the risks of fund procurement, the utilization is maximized for each secondary point of use It will be.

However, since the animation studio creates a work upon receiving a request from the production committee and only delivers the completed work, there is no right income and it will be necessary to operate only with production cost. Although it can be said to be "a form without risk for studio", recently there is a problem that high quality is required for the work, and there is a problem that money hardly remains at hand in the field.

In addition, the Production Committee system has the disadvantage that it is impossible to make a quick decision as right holders are born as many as the companies that contributed. In overseas, the one owner system which collected all the rights in Disney etc. is taken, and decision making is done quickly, so the production committee seems to cause trouble because decision making is late is.

Mr. Fukuhara's advocate as "aid" for these problems is "Partnership method"is. In this case, the initiative is in the animation studio, and the partner becomes an overseas distribution company like Amazon or Netflix. Although the distribution company purchases the video distribution right at the price corresponding to the full production cost, the copyright of the work remains in the animation studio for the main purpose of purchasing the distribution right to the last, so the studio individually sells the right to the licensee, You can develop secondary usage business.

Mr. Fukuhara, who showed a strong sense of crisis, "Any structure will collapse if it does not get caught up in past customs", but this partnership system is not to "replace the production committee" to the last Said that it would be important to the future industry to become able to choose as an option.

In the keynote lecture, "The development of human resources of the game creator who can pass at the forefront" is the theme, game makerCyber ​​Connect toofHiroshi MatsuyamaIs the entrance. The reason why many girls admire games creators is that there are many people who give up on the way that they are "not able to see the concrete path of what to do", and the teaching side also " I do not know what to do "state. I told that what I needed more than "industry analysis". On the other hand, "Because" like "shapes things", he also told me that nothing is halfway, but to touch various enthusiasts at the level of "losing control."

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