How do you choose "Production I. G" to produce?

"ghost in the Shell"Sengoku Basara"BLOOD-C"I'm ready, Azazel."Production I.G animation production company who has produced such as" How do you choose the work to send out to the world? " Mr. Katsuji Morishita, Director of Production I.G Planning Office, Mr. Katsuji Morishita revealed part of it in the Anime · Business Forum +2014 held at Digital Hollywood University.

Production I. G

Mr. Katsuji Morishita who is in charge of lecture, Mr. Katsuji Morishita who is in charge of Planning Office of Production · Aizy Director and Planning Office.

The title is "Production I.G's planning strategy". From the planning office's point of view, it is the content that talks about how you choose the work produced by Production I.G. Incidentally,Miku IshikawaIt was said that the president may have another viewpoint.

First of all, 25th anniversary movie that is also posted on Production I.G official website was played.

Before entering the story of Production I. G, from the commentary on the current situation surrounding the animation industry. Currently, 48% of people aged 18 to 25 are working with irregular employment, and the employment situation may become even more severe in the future. In such a situation, animation fans are increasing, but the number of people who buy high-priced items is not increasing. In other words, although participating in Comiket and watching animation every week, people who are buying packages have not increased, but they know about the title, they buy hundreds of goods and books, etc. Middle core layer · light The layer is increasing. Therefore, Morishita analyzes that animation business will become more severe unless you increase earnings from the middle and light layers in the future.

Production I. G divides the inside of the company into "management department", "production department", "planning office". The administrative department is in charge of general affairs and personnel affairs, which are also found in general corporations, and the creation department and the planning office are involved in animation production. Among them, the production department is divided into two parts, Part 1 and Part 2, and furthermore, the department is hanging under it. By the way, it does not mean that Part 1 and Part 2 are not divided like TV personnel and theater. The department is in charge of animation production from the 3 departments to the 10 departments, the size of each is not constant, it is various from the place that can turn the theater work, but not so. It is the planning office that supports the production department which is the stadium.

While the production department is in charge of the actual production work in general, the planning office is in charge of inquiries about the work and negotiations with the production committee. In general, people called "producers" are animation producers of the production department and planning producers of the planning department, and line producers do stuffing and management further. This type that the planning office enters between the production committee and the production department seems not to be the same for any company, but at the IG the planning office plays a cushioning role and coordinates things, I heard that it functions quite well.

The planning office can be roughly divided into 4 groups. The first is the "project planning group" which is responsible for planning development, sales / contract negotiation, window contact etc. The second is the "Corporate Planning and Public Relations Group" in charge of corporate planning and public relations. We will also undertake development of product planning and things that will be in charge of producing goods with works of other companies' contacts. The third is a "literary group" where script writers belong and in charge of scripts and novels of in-house production work and making original. The fourth is the "overseas group in charge" to which the person who carries out overseas sales belongs.

When you create a work, a story will come up to Morishita in the planning office first. The coming story is to ask students to consider whether they can make a contribution from what they say "Let's work together and work together", the form of the work has already solidified and the part of animation production is Productin IG There are many things, such as whether they will be in charge of.

When the work gathers to a certain extent, President Ishikawa, Executive Officer in charge of Management Department, Planning Department Manager, Production Department Manager, Planning Office Manager, Proposer (Person in charge of Works Response) attends and Planning Review Conference will be held. In the meeting, it is considered whether or not it is possible to produce as I. G in the first place. Even if the condition of the talk brought in is good, we can not accept things that are severe in the time. As an example of this, IG contributed animation production to WIT STUDIO subsidiary "Attack on Titan"Can be cited.

Production I.G seems to be said to have "many original works" in many cases, but Morishita's examination shows that the ratio between original and original is about 8: 2. Speaking of Production I. G, "Ghost in the Shell" can be mentioned as a representative work but it seems that there are not as many original as Mr. Shirow Masamune's manga for this work as much as the image. It is said that there is no plans to change this proportion greatly, and in recent years it is producing a TV series without interruption.

Looking from the outside it seems to be one "Production IG" brand, but from the inside there is a trend of works that are good at animation producers, where the original series of TV series is suitable, place high quality movies 2 There is a studio to make over 3 years. It is said that it draws out what you expect by assigning the work by identifying its characteristics.

Furthermore, apart from these series, there is a policy to make flagship work as Production I. G about once every 3 to 5 years. For example "BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE"Human wolf JIN - ROH"A letter to a peachIt is said that it is not sales on the spot, but it is meant to make something like "It can not be made without I.G."

Also, it is a holding company of Production I. GIG portIn the groupXEBEC,McGarden,WIT STUDIOWe have a company with distinctive characteristics, so we are considering planning that can take group synergies into consideration and making it.

A question and answer session was held at the end of the story.

Although the original work was about 20%, since the original work costs monetary and time cost, is it less? As a trend, not only Production I. G but also the original is small in general.

I think that it is around 8: 2 if you take the average including other companies. Because the original planning development requires financial investment and the plan is not limited to the world, the risk is big and it is not very good that only the original is used to operate the company. Even at the planning review conference, such consciousness will work. Current I G 's style is to make 20% of the original work, considering temporal, human and financial investment and its risk.

How much does the original cost compared with the original work?

If it is original, money will be cost for planning and development, but if there is an original, that part can be made almost zero. It will take as long as you redo everything for animation, but .... Even out of there, there are many things to enter the store, so that money can not be reimbursed in the present situation, so I think in the direction of increasing the accuracy of planning and development. Some projects are canceled before money is generated.

Is Production I. G an increasing number of secretary works?

There are few secretary works. As recently as "Space Battleship Yamato 2199", it is 90% or more that you participate as one company of the Production Committee to the end, let me handle the window and give it back to everyone. I will not actively take the secretary aggressively.

We are investing in "Advance Giant", but what specific roles did you have in specific terms?

Mr. Wada who is the president of WIT STUDIO was originally belonging to Production I. G and was my subordinate. Although I do not know the process when it comes to talking about where to make animation of the attack giants, the group centered on the pony canyon, MBS, and IG that ultimately reached animation came to be made . Wada Producer who took charge of this, after that, it is said that WIT STUDIO is to be established as a company, whether it can make a giant of advances there, Ishikawa (President of Production IG) will be good By the way I negotiated with the Production Committee, thinking to do it, and it became the present form. Normally, credits in such a case are "Production: Production IG Production Cooperation: WIT STUDIO", but Ishikawa thinks that the place you made should firmly name it "Production: WIT STUDIO Production Cooperation: Production IG" It has become credit.

At the beginning, I heard that the employment of young people becomes tough. I am aiming for a producer of animation, and for that I listen to the story that it is good to go up from production progress, but what kind of talent are you looking for as a production studio Production I. G?

Some of the producers belonging to the planning department are raised from the line producers in the field, but there are many people who entered from the outside by mid-career recruitment, in fact I am one of them. Although it is the case of Production IG rather than the animation industry as a whole, there are various ways of entering, as it entered in progress of production, there is no reason not to move to the planning person, "I want to do literary!" Some people did. Wada STUDIO 's Wada Producer is also the type of person who studied animation from 1, and that is now the president of the animation production company.

One thing I would like to say is that as Production I. G was the first choice, it is better to stop things like getting Production I. G even if you get rid of a job just because you fall. First of all, even if any company enters, it is not a production company, but a maker, even entering a company involved in animation, making an effort and changing jobs ... ... I do not recommend changing jobs (laugh), but There are also job change groups from manufacturers, and on the other hand, some people have changed jobs to manufacturers. I think that it is better to enter the industry and make it including personal connections.

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