The mailing status of the sent mail is checked by email software "Polymail" with tracking & calendar function

Mail can be sent when you want to send it, and it is one of the advantages that you can see when you want to see it. However, I do not know if the other person saw my mail, it depends only on the reply from the other party. E-mail software with a tracking function of sent e-mail that is perfect for those who have thought "I want to check if the other party opened the mail I sent"PolymailI tried using it.

Polymail - Email Tracking, Templates, Send Later, and Calendar Integration

◆ Account creation
First of allOfficial pageClick "Get Started Free" from the list.

Enter your first name, first name, email address and password to use with Polymail and click "Continue".

Next, select the mail account to use. This time I will use Gmail, so click "Google".

As you become the login screen for mail, enter your email address and click "Next".

Enter the password and click "Next".

"Polymail" will ask for permission to manage mail, contacts, calendar, so click on "permit".

This will create a "Polymail" mailbox. The task of creating a mailbox is done automatically, but it took several minutes.

When creation of the mailbox is completed, you can see that the mail received with the registered e-mail address is displayed on the left side of the screen. Polymail is a software that runs on the browser, so from the browser to useLogin pagePlease open and login is required.

◆ Check mail opening status
There is a thing called "tracking the opening status of sent mail" as a big function of Polymail. First, click on the mail creation icon on the left side of the screen, create and send an email.

After that, when you click the activity icon in the upper right corner of the mailbox, the e-mail opened by the recipient side and the time are displayed. By checking this, you can see whether the sent mail was opened or if it was opened, what time is it?

If you click "Opened" at the top of the mail opening status list ... ...

Each action such as "All Activity (all actions against mail)" "Opened" (opened a mail) "," Clicked "(clicked the link attached to the mail)" Downloaded " You can classify and classify everything and check the opening status. For example, clicking "Clicked" ...

Only the mails that the recipient clicked on the link are displayed.

In addition, when you click "Sent" on the left side of the screen, a list of sent mails is displayed, and you can check the opening status with the lightning mark attached to each mail. The bolting mark has changed to blue is already opened, and the number of times the recipient reacted somewhat to the mail is displayed with a number. For example, when a recipient "has opened mail twice", the number next to the lightning bolt is "2", and when the mail is opened twice and the link is clicked once, the number becomes "3". The more numeric it is, the more recipients can be considered to be interested in mail.

By clicking individual mail and placing the cursor on the lightning bolt, you can check the activity for the opened mail.

◆ Managing Received Mail
When I say "I do not read now, but I want to read it later", please open the received mail and click on the clock icon at the top.

You can use the reminder function to specify the time to read mail.

Mail with the reminder set will be stored in the "Read later" folder, but you can always see it by clicking "Read Later" on the left side of the screen.

To cancel the reminder, click on the card icon at the top ... ...

Mail returns to the receiving folder.

◆ Settings when sending mail
In Polymail, various settings are possible when sending mail. When I click on the calendar icon displayed when I created the mail ......

A calendar opens, it is possible to write a schedule linked to mail to the calendar. When you click "Add Calender Invite" after inputting ......

A calendar is attached to the mail, and you can send it as it is.

To the recipient side is a mail with a calendar attached ...

You will receive an email asking if you can join the event from Polymail. If you select 'Going' ...

You will receive an email notifying both users that the schedule is in effect.

Also, if you click "Follow Up" after creating a mail ... ...

It is possible to set up to remind mail automatically.

Click "Send Later" ......

You can automatically send mails later.

You can check the mail you set later for sending from "Send Later" on the left side.

◆ Broadcast mail
With Polymail, it is also possible to track all emails sent to a large number of people. Click the spread icon in the upper left of the screen.

From this screen, you can set the mail contact by dragging and dropping the mail address list you want to send in the CSV file. Afterwards as well as ordinary mails, if you send in thinking of the sentence OK. The advantage of being able to track the opening status of mail is also intact.

◆ Using Polymail with iOS application
An iOS application is also available for Polymail.

Polymail on the App Store

It is possible to use it from iOS terminal.App StoreTap "Get" from.

Tap "Install".

When installation is completed, tap "Open".

If you already have a Polymail account, tap "Login to an existing account" at the bottom.

Enter the registered email address and password and tap "Login".

Since you are asked for permission for notifications, tap "Permit".

The Polymail mailbox opens. Tap the activity icon on the top right ......

As with the browser version, you can check which mails you sent are recently opened.

Tap the menu icon on the top left ... ....

As with the browser version, it is possible to create mails or check the mails in the "Read later" folders.

◆ Paid version
Polymail is a free trial period for the first 14 days when you register, and if you want to continue using it afterwards, you need to switch to the paid version. "Pro (Pro)" is a one-year contract and can be used for 10 dollars a month (about 1100 yen). In addition to the mail tracking function and the calendar function, the e-mail broadcast function can be used up to 5 times per month. "Teams" can be used for a one year contract at a rate of $ 16 per month (about 1800 yen), and unlimited use of e-mail broadcasting in addition to the function of the professional version is possible. Also, since it is supposed to be used by multiple teams, it seems that you can check the opening status of the whole team and share the template. "Enterprise" version can be used for a yearly contract at a price of 49 dollars a month (approx. 5400 yen), and we can customize Polymail for ourselves. To start using the enterprise version you need to do business directly with Polymail.

Polymail can track mail with the existing mail account as it is, and it is a perfect tool for those who want to know whether the other person opened the mail or clicked on a link attached to the mail by the other party It was getting.

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