Reason for giving up the AMP compliance of the website talked about by the Airbnb development team

"Airbnb"We operate a web service that attracts accommodation lenders and people they want to borrow. Airbnb realizes speeding-up of mobile website advocated by Google to introduce many usersFramework"Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)Although it seems that the introduction of the introduction and development also seems to have done, there were many obstacles, and eventually it did not come true. Airbnb's Gil Birman and Mr. Brian Ta talk about in the presentation what kind of circumstances existed and did not come true.

How Airbnb is putting AMP at the core of its digital strategy

Airbnb's Birman and Mr. Ta decided to accelerate the website as a customer strategy and consider implementing it with AMP. When you convert to AMP, you will need to recreate Airbnb's website with restricted HTML etc. Suddenly the whole website is converted to AMP, and when it becomes "It is useless" and it returns to the original state, all the costs to be developed are wasted, so what part in Airbnb is converted to AMP and the effect It was necessary to consider whether to check the presence or absence.

Therefore, in Airbnb, it divided into three "home screen", "search result screen", "list screen", "influence on traffic" "frequency of web page change" "technical problem" "ownership of web pages We decided to consider it from the four perspectives of the right. As a result of examination, application of AMP is applied to "search result page", it is calm down that influence degree is low and convenience is good.

As the AMP conversion project progressed, the following four points were considered as items to be considered. These four problems tend to be taken as "boring content", but it is said to be very important as it is also a point to decide whether future projects will continue to succeed or fail I will.

· How can AMP work on all screens without problems?
· Although the design of website changes day by day, how can we maintain implementation of AMP?
· How can other teams participate in the project?
· Who will manage the project and keep it going?

As the project advanced, the development team implemented AMP on the search result screen, a large-scale system failure occurred. It means that when the page load exceeds 500 ms, on the server sidetime outIt is said that it came to be. Implementing AMP brings a website that is very comfortable for users, but it seems that the server side got a bigger load than ever. As a result, a pure white screen is displayed like the terminal on the right side of the following image.

This phenomenon occurs in 16% of AMP-enabled web pages, and it is necessary to make immediate measures, and in Airbnb, between the user and the serverCDNThe problem was solved by implementing it.

However, another problem also arises. Although the search result screen after AMP implementation is under the domain of Google, if a user logged in to Airbnb (domain of) accessed to the search results screen so far, it will be in a state of uniform logout and login again It is said that it became necessary. This was used for authenticationCookieAlthough it is a fundamental movement derived from the fact that it can not be used in different domains, it is said that Airbnb's messages and past reservation status that were able to be viewed so far will not be displayed for users who do not know anything about AMP compliance Disadvantage occurs.

Furthermore, when you tap the link displayed on the search result screen, it opens the Airbnb applicationDeep linkIt is said that it stopped functioning. Especially Airbnb thought that app booking and travel were important to users, it seems that giving up this AMP is a deciding factor that this problem occurred.

Eventually, Airbnb has given up AMP and used a solution called "Magic Carpet" to realize speeding up of the website.

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