Young entrepreneurs feel that mail is too late and "outdated"

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Messenger applications such as LINE have penetrated as a means of switching to e-mails, but e-mails are still active on the front lines, especially in business scenes that interact with outside parties. However, among young entrepreneurs in their late 20's through 30's, there are many ideas that mail is late and obsolete. Journalist Rachel Thompson, one who has such a way of thinking, tells young entrepreneurs how to use e-mails and what methods are preferred as alternative means of communication.

These millennial entrepreneurs think email is too slow for the startup world

For Mr. Thompson, Mail said that sending ordinary mail to the other party as a means of communication has similar value. For that reason, he says, "It is painful to scroll to confirm the conversation content before the mail, because the mail is late, the other party can not be checked online." Thompson talks to some young entrepreneurs who do not use e-mail, and he says that it is not only Mr. Thompson that he feels mail as an inconvenient means of communication.


Harriet Butterfield, a company engaged in PR and social client management, Honey Partnership, is commenting on the current thinking on young people 's mail. "I think that modern young people, especially young entrepreneurs, have a way of thinking that mail is inconvenient in the discovery of enterprises and representative work of start-ups.The young entrepreneur thinks that Facebook's founder , Mark Zuckerburgberg's saying "You should move forward with the momentum to break things, chances will never wait forever" and "Fail quickly, find the cause quickly", etc. In e-mail In my case, I use mail as the only way to send the last contact method and official documents.The mail is slow and passive means, so I will replace it as soon as possible I am using an instant messenger platform that is an active means. "

Mr. Butterfield's company has taken the same policy for e-mails, and also uses instant messenger WeChat, Skype, and Slack as a means of communicating with external clients. Mr. Butterfield also uses this method in private, and it says that only in spam mail is excluded in the personal mail inbox, except the mail from parents three years ago.

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Aleksei Antonov, CFO of SONM, a company that encourages the introduction of the distributed computing platform "Ethereum", describes the way people think of e-mails of technology startups. "Technology-based companies tend to prefer earlier versions than conservative means of communication, especially those with technology companies that just started a business, preferring instant messengers and task software JIRA and Asana without using e-mail E-mail can not set the priority of work or check the status of task task at a glance Everyone says that the use of e-mail will end someday Also, with early information exchange and The messenger Slack or Telegram who can do quick discussion is much better than the mail. "

According to Thompson, the e-mails made by Adobe in 2017General investigationThe result shows that the total time spent on e-mails has decreased by 27 percent from 2016. This reduction is shown both in terms of work and private, and Adobe concludes that "people are doing more productive behavior than email" about this result. On the other hand, Adobe's findings can be interpreted differently. People are not doing productive actions in a reduced time, but if you are addressing Slack, Snapchat, etc. of Instant Messenger software that you migrated from e-mail, it shows that you are away from the mail We can inspect that we can read the results of the survey.

On the other hand, some people use mail as an indispensable tool for work. Monica Karpinski, founder and editor of The Femedic health information website management company for women, uses e-mail to organize things.

Karpinski first prepares four mail inboxes for separate projects. I take the note of the meeting by e-mail, send mail to me and use it as a document to read later. Karpinski states the way of thinking about e-mail as follows. "I basically can not understand what to do for a project on that day without a mail inbox, and I can not find the progress of each project. E-mail is what happened in my life It's an easy way to understand. "

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