Is the hybrid of human and sheep light for diabetes treatment or organ transplantation?


Technology that is expected to infinitely produce organs for transplant surgery or to be a treatment for type 1 diabetes is a technique called "chimeric technology (human and animal Hybrid) ". On the latest situation of research related to thisTelegraphIt marks it.

World's first human-sheep hybrids pave way for diabetes cure and mass organ transplants

"Chimeric technology" of growing a part of a human body inside an animal body to make an organ that can be transplanted to human beings was considered as a powerful method of reducing transplant waiting for organ transplantation. This "chimera technique" is also called "human-animal hybrid", and in February 2018National GeographicBut"Sheep-Human Hybrids Made in Lab-Get the Facts(The fact that hybrids of sheep and human beings are made in the laboratory, facts related to them) "by publishing an article on the hybrid of humans and sheep and calling a big topic.

About "chimera technology" "human hybrid of animal" can be understood by reading the following article.

What is "chimera technology" that makes human organs in pigs and sheep? - GIGAZINE

The team at Stanford University, which is studying this "human-animal hybrid", succeeded in raising embryos with both sheep and human cells for over 3 weeks in surrogate mothers. This is an attempt to grow organs that can be transplanted for human beings, which is a great step for treatment of type 1 diabetes. The next step is to "transplant human stem cells into a genetically modified sheep embryo so that pancreas can not grow." If this succeeds, it is thought that "human pancreas" will grow in the sheep's body. In addition, the research team is trying to obtain permission from the regulatory authority to conduct experiments for 70 days in order to confirm whether it can produce organs from human cells.

I am engaged in research on human hybrids with sheep at Stanford UniversityYoshimitsu NakauchiMr. was held in AustinAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceAt the annual general meeting of the AAAS, "We have already created mice of the mouse in the body of a rat, transplanted to a diabetic mouse and succeeded in curing almost completely without immunosuppressants Because it is obvious that it is more difficult for humans and sheep hybrids, I would like to proceed with research with a longer span and plan to use organ deficient embryos 5, 10 It may take years, but in the end it will be able to make a hybrid of humans and sheep, "the organs raised in the animal's body will be humans within the next 5 to 10 years We believe that we will be able to port to.

byJames Bowe

The UK currently faces the problem of shortage of organs for transplantation. This seems to be because there are not enough organ donor organizations due to medical progress. In 2017, researchers at the Sooke Institute in the USA made a hybrid of humans and pigs. However, the institute has not yet succeeded in raising organs. In pig experiments, researchers have made embryos, it seems that only one out of 100,000 cells was from human beings.

Researchers hope to use these directly for transplantation, as pigs and sheep organs are about the same size as humans. These approaches have often been unsuccessful, but since new methods directly use human stem cells, we can exclude the problem of rejection in the human body. Also, because the sheep has hearts and lungs of the same size as humans, the hybrid of humans and sheep is more efficient than the hybrid with pigs.

Pablo Ross, who is cooperating with Mr. Nakauchi, said, "Sheep's organ size is similar to that of human beings, some of the sheep's organs are physiologically similar to human beings, and the shape of the heart There are also several similarities, so many cardiovascular studies are being conducted with sheep. "

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