Intrusion prevention organization introduced internal reporting system adopting "Tor" of anonymous communication

Anonymous communication used for internal accusations and concealment of communication contents is "Tor"is. The necessity of anonymous communication is increasing more and more, Tor "development project is exemplifying," anonymous communication technology is becoming indispensable to accuse and prevent misconduct in public institutions and companies It is on the official blog.

Segnalazione di condotte illecite - Whistleblowing

Italian Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) Adopts Onion Services | Tor Blog

Italian law requires companies to organize a corporate governance structure and adopt risk avoidance systems. However, with the internal reporting method, internal contacts can not protect their owners unless their identity is disclosed, so there was a possibility that accusers would be in danger if they tried to accuse fraud.

However, in 2016International Organization for StandardizationIt is the world's first international standard as a bribery prevention management system issued by (ISO)ISO 37001In the internal report, "to allow anonymous reporting" is clearly stated. Moreover, in some countries and regions such as Italy, the introduction of IT system for internal reporting is beginning to be obliged by law, and anonymous communication is required technically.

Meanwhile, it is an administrative supervision organization in ItalyANACAnnounces that it will launch a platform that allows anonymous internal reporting using Tor. Since ANAC launches Tor platform, anonymity of communication is kept, so that the whistleblower can safely accuse fraudulent acts. At the time of internal reporting, first of all anonymously reporting, then it seems that personal information will be disclosed after safety is confirmed.

byMarkus Spiske

In the platform that ANAC builds, the accused tool for which Tor technology is integratedGlobaLeaksCustomized software will be used. Also, since this software will be open source, it will be distributed to a total of 20,000 people via public institutions.

How does "Tor" of anonymous communication anonymize the communication route of the Internet? , Why is Tor called "onion"? You can find out about the following article.

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