Rakuten Securities apologize for deleting articles from Wikipedia

On July 6 and August 8, 2006, Wikipedia's "Rakuten Securities"as well as"Market speedIn the item of Rakuten Securities, inconvenient things are written and someone else deleted the description, but the problem is that someone's IP address was Rakuten.

Did Rakuten officials delete the inconvenient descriptions to their company? It was on August 28 (Monday) that the trouble came.

And today, Rakuten officially apologized.

Details of the incident are as follows.
Notice> About some reports on our company

In some press reports, it is reported that the content on our company concerning our company has been deleted via our IP address in the free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" on the Internet, but we investigate the facts about this case As a result, it was confirmed that our employees made from within our company.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused by our employees' inappropriate behavior, making noise for customers and various people in various areas.

We have already carried out internal disposal by the actor. We intend to implement employee education once again to prevent recurrence so as not to cause the same situation in the future.

The details of the thing are detailed below.

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Asahi.com: Disadvantage information of 'Wikipedia', Rakuten Securities removed from the company - Society

The editing history of Rakuten officials who became a problem this time is as follows.

User's contribution record - Wikipedia

For deleted contents, for example "Rakuten Securities" item is like this.

Version of July 3, 2006 (Monday) 18: 54

The Financial Services Agency sees heavily the problem of Rakuten Securities Co., Ltd. system failure and issued business improvement order.It seems that you did not like the description that you are saying that you are deleting it.

Also, in the case of "Market speed" item it looks something like this.

Version of August 8 (Tue) 08:40, 2006

Also the biggest disadvantage is that in December 2005, the server down is very severe. It will be a problem in timing-oriented day trading that the software falls 2-3 times a day (in some cases more than 5 times). I would like to see rapid improvement in Rakuten Securities.It seems I did not like the description that.

Incidentally, in addition to the market speed, the server may be falling on other occasions as well.

Slashdot Japan | Large scale system failure in Rakuten Ichiba

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