Nico Nico Douga, closed from access restricted by YouTube

Although it is a Nico Nico video that had been receiving DDoS attacks since the night of 22nd, it turned out that YouTube is also regulated, and it was decided to close it at last.

At the same time, we are planning to launch a new version of Nico Nico video and release a new version with the goal of one week later.

Details are as follows.
Nico Nico Video (β) | Nico Nico Douga About the closing of the beta service and the development of a new version

About termination of Nico Nico Douga Beta service and development of new version

From the night of the 22nd, I had temporarily stopped the service of Nico Nico Douga by DDoS attack, but it happened that it was found that some of the access from Nico Nico Douga was blocked from youtube at almost the same time so once I decided to terminate NicoNico Video Beta service.

At the same time, we will start developing the new version of Nico Nico video and I would like to release the new version with the goal of one week later.
I would like to inform you about the contents of the new Nikoniko movies on this HP in order, so please take care.
For more information, please see the development blog below.

Nico Nico Douga (?) Development Blog

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Dwango Co., Ltd. New Nikoniko Video Development Project Team all together

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So this is its development blog.

Nico Nico Video Developer Blog

It seems that we are receiving requests etc., but what will happen in the future?

The reasons why access is restricted from YouTube are explained below. Apparently, it seems that this throw riding act touched Youko's reverse scales.

Slashdot Japan | Nico Nico Douga, DDoS attack under service

I also answer the interview as follows.

ITmedia News: "Things not interesting become fun" The value of "Nico Nico Douga" mentioned by Mr. Hiroyuki (1/2)

"But since you already have funny videos on YouTube and AmebaVision, it's better for you to borrow it." By quoting videos from existing services, you can eliminate your own content and video servers. Even if there are 4 million PV traffic per day, the load is said to be relatively low.

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