YouTube, preparing a remuneration for video contributors

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley answered in the World Economic Forum on Saturday this week that YouTube will also distribute advertising revenue and other users to those who posted videos in the coming months He said he had revealed that he had a plan.

That means that if you upload a movie to YouTube, it will be income.

Details are as follows.
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It will be subject to this remuneration only for movies that someone has not already copyrighted, in short it is not expected that compensation will be paid for illegal uploading. Details on how this is confirmed with copyright and how to distribute fee systematically is unknown at this time.

Also, about the question "Why did not you make a payment system from the beginning?" Mr. Chad Hurley said, "I did not want to create a system motivated by monetary compensation.We have a real community about video I actually wanted to make it, and if it is based on monetary compensation from the beginning, if it says that another video site pays higher compensation, it will have moved to that place. "

You can view this remark on the YouTube movie below. The content of remarks is about protection of copyright and distribution of earnings.

YouTube - Chad Hurley on YouTube ... on YouTube

At the moment, some video sharing sites have already adopted the compensation system.

Let's see what kind of feeling it actually is, since I have summarized the examples.

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An example of a video sharing site paid for video contributors

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