"Nanjan soda (refreshing oranges)" is really refreshing

It will be the first carbonated drink in the series "Nachi""Nanjan soda (refreshing orange)"It has been released since August 29, but I finally got it because I could get it.

I did not anticipate it clearly, but it was more clear than I had anticipated and was not lying for that name. Apparently there seems to be a secret in the ingredients inside.
The ingredients inside are like this. Mandarin orange and lemon point. Perhaps this slightly contained lemon creates a refreshing and refreshing feeling

The color looks something like this, it's pretty brilliant

Carbonic acid is slightly slight, micro carbonic acid level

As a taste I feel close to summer oranges. I want you to push out refresher in this series and steadily go out. Recommended for those who feel too sweet, fantastic in Fanta. Conversely if you are seeking stimulation and taste as much as Fanta, it may be unsatisfactory.

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