I drank Coca-Cola "Coca-Cola Peach", which is the world's first appearance of "Momo"

Flavor using "Momo" of Coca-Cola for a limited time on January 22 (Monday) 2018Coca-Cola Peach"Has appeared. Coca-Cola Peach is a peach flavor that Coca-Cola's first peach scents. I actually bought it and drank what kind of taste it is with Coca-Cola fragrant, which emerges from the world first, and it is finished.

The first appearance in the world, "Momo" fragrant "Coca-Cola"! "Coca-Cola Peach" Limited release from January 22: The Coca-Cola Company

I bought Coca-Cola Peach (124 yen including tax).

The package is a peach color conscious peach color, and in the middle is a peach wrapped in bubbles.

Ingredients include fructose corn sugar and flavor, acidulant, caramel pigment etc. Regularcoca cola"Sugar" contained in was not included. There is no big difference in other raw materials, and it is worrisome how much difference is in taste. Contents amount is 500 ml of the same as 500 ml of regular Coca-Cola.

Because calories are 44 kcal per 100 ml, it becomes 220 kcal if it is per 500 ml.

If you pour it into the cup, there is no spicy inherent in cola with a fragrance, and there is a fragrance of peach in the faint.

It looked like it looks like a common cola.

When I tried drinking it was soft and sweet, refreshing fragrance with carbonic acid, felt that the taste and fragrance are close to the dragonfly beverage 'Shan Merry'.

Coca-Cola Peach is on sale nationwide including supermarkets, convenience stores, and automatic sales. Because it is a limited-time item, it seems better to taste the person who cares early.

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