Gamers become increasingly difficult to acquire graphic boards due to soaring virtual currency rates

Virtual currency exchange rates such as Ethereum rose sharply from the latter half of 2017. As a result of this price rise, the profitability of virtual currency mining has increased, and competition for graphic boards due to mining purpose minor has occurred, resulting in the price of graphic boards continuing to rise. The situation where the graphic board that should have been made for games originally is hard to get into the gamer's hand is occurring globally.

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The price of the popular virtual currency Enterprise has maintained a transaction price of about 4 times even from the market price in November 2017 even after the collapse in early January 2018.

Since ASIC mining is not effective for Ethernet that requires memory capacity for Bitcoin (bit coin) which is virtually indispensable to use a dedicated ASIC machine, the mining competition by the high performance graphic board of PC still continues It is done. Even though minority to mining virtual currency increases, mining difficulty increases, but the pace of the sharp rise is faster than you imagine, so profitability is increasing at present.

Under such circumstances, the phenomenon that the minor necessarily buys high performance graphic board which can expect high performance and high profitability is occurring globally, and in America's retail store best buy, high performance graphic board It seems that the shop front stock is always off. High performance graphic boards such as AMD Radon RX 580 and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 are sold out as a result of high profit mining and sold exclusively at shops are low-end graphic boards not suitable for mining or PC games It is only that.

The graphic board price is also rising underpinned by vigorous mining demand, and it seems that it is very difficult situation to acquire popular graphic boards at manufacturer's retail price no longer in the USA.

Although the situation in Japan is not as short as the US, it is almost the same. From the end of 2017 to January 2018, the lowest price of high-performance graphic boards is skyrocketing.

According to the data of PC Part Picker, in the US, the price of RX 580 purchased for about $ 250 (about 28,000 yen) in the spring of 2017 rose to $ 350 (about 39,000 yen) in July 2017 After falling in fall, it soared from the end of 2017, and it is over 400 dollars (about 44,000 yen) at the time of article creation. It is the average price on a dealer's basis, and the example that pricing aimed at customers who want to get items quickly is excluded. In the Amazon marketplace, it seems that RX 580 which has been priced more than 600 dollars (about 66,000 yen) is on sale.

According to Edward, who mines the Ethernet using three kinds of graphic boards of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080 which Ars Technica covered to examine the current state of mining profitability, with GTX 1060 If you have, you can mining virtual currencies of 5 dollars a day (about 550 yen) per card, and 8 dollars (about 890 yen) per day if it is GTX 1080. Even in situations where pricing far exceeding the manufacturer's retail price is done, because of the calculations that can be collected in a few months, some of the virtual currencies minor is that first thing to do is to wake up in the morning to do high-performance graphics It seems that there are many people checking whether the board is in stock and buying it immediately regardless of the price.

Saudi Arabian software developer Suleiman Alakuel said that electricity bills are cheap Saudi Arabia has attractive land patterns for mining, so if you inform local PC parts stores that they want high-end graphics boards, they say "sold out" Along with the reply saying, "It is mining too mining?" It is everyday to be said. "Some have minors that they reserved all graphics cards that arrive in the next six months," says Arquel.

NVIDIA and AMD, graphic board makers, are extremely pleased with the high profit raising against the situation where the price of graphic boards is soaring or difficult to obtain due to such mining demand ... It is not. NVIDIA, which originally received complaints that graphic boards that have been commercialized for PC games do not reach gamers' hands, sells graphic boards to European retailers to sell to gamers rather than virtual currency miners, We limit the number to 2 per person and announce to regulate minor buying a large amount.

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From the graphic board maker, it is difficult to reinforce the production line of graphic boards because it is difficult to know when the demand will disappear at any moment because the demand for virtual currency mining is greatly influenced by the violent fluctuation in the market price. For minors who do not know when they will disappear, it is certain that the situation that gamers who have long been associating are not in a favorable condition. Furthermore, the fact that a large amount of graphic boards abused by virtual currency mining is released to the secondhand market poses a risk of increasing maintenance and inspection expenses or lowering the demand for new graphic boards, It does not seem to want the situation to buy the board.

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