Traffic at the adult site increases rapidly if it knows that the ballistic missile warning is false

byValeria Boltneva

Popular adult sitePornhubReleased traffic information before and after the false alarm of the ballistic missile warning that occurred in Hawaii. Very interesting contents are shown.

Hawaii on Alert - Pornhub Insights

January 13, 8:00 am 7 minutes 2018, was sent "ballistic missile toward Hawaii has been fired. Immediately evacuate. This is not in the training" to the emergency alarm of Hawaii residents mobile phone that . Although all of Hawaii by this alarm is now temporarily in a state of panic, this is a mistake at the time of personnel change, after 38 minutes correction information has been delivered. In addition, malfunction of missile warning is considered to be caused by system UI design.

Wrong missile alarm triggered by system UI design - GIGAZINE

It is a popular adult sitePornhub with a reputation for data analysisPublic traffic data before and after missile warnings are delivered.

When Pornhub compared the traffic on Saturday where the missile warning was given and the traffic on the past two Saturdays, the traffic sharply decreases immediately after the alarm at 8:07 on Saturday where the missile warning was issued. It was 8:23 that it had reached 77% of normal Saturday 's traffic. And at 8:45, when the correction information was sent, it recovered to the normal level but the traffic rise did not stay there, and at 9:01 it recorded 48% increase at normal time.

It is unknown why traffic growth has occurred, but Pornhub said about missile warnings: "After reading such a message, I do not know what people think of people, but if you look at traffic figures only , It is certain that it is not "seeing pornography".

In addition, Pornhub publishes statistical reports every year, and various data such as "Japanese users' 3DCG love", "Japanese are popular with gay" and so on are clarified.

Ultra-popular adult site publishes statistical report summarizing 2017, clearly also Japanese fetish fetish - GIGAZINE

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