Is the false activation of missile alarm caused by system UI design?


An emergency alert was delivered on January 13, 2018 that a ballistic missile was launched for Hawaii. This alarm was erroneous, and about 38 minutes later correction information was delivered, but temporary panic occurred across Hawaii. The cause of the accidental warning was "I pushed the wrong button at the time of staff changeAlthough it is reported that it is reported that, when looking at the alarm UI, it was convincing that there was no way to make a mistake.

News organization based in Honolulu ·Honolulu Civil BeatThe missile warning on the 13th reported. At the end of the message is "This is not a drill." (This is not a training) ... ...

Actually it was a mere mistake, nothing in training.

Honolulu Civil Beat pointed out that the cause is this is the UI of the alarm system. Originally, I should have clicked on the training alarm "DRILL - PACOM (CDW) - STATE ONLY" in the seventh row from the top, "PACOM (CDW) -" in the fifth line which is a real alarm not training, It seems that you clicked on "STATE ONLY".

Hawaii Emergency Management AgencyIn regard to that, it is pointed out that the password may be written on the sticky note and stuck on the monitor.

If you do your best you can read the password This picture is one of the pictures taken by Jennifer Sinco Kelleher of the Associated Press on July 21, 2017. I feel that it is necessary not only to improve UI but also to improve the organizational structure.

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