Taiwanese TV news inadvertently misreports that 'Chinese troops have invaded'

China Telescope (CTS), known as one of Taiwan's three major television stations, erroneously reported in a morning news program that 'a guided missile of the Communist Party army landed in New Taipei City in northern Taiwan.'

Taiwan TV station apologises after mistakenly reporting Chinese attack | Reuters

Taiwan TV station apologizes after mistakenly saying China was invading the island --CBS News

Taiwan TV News Accidentally Reports China Has Invaded:'Please Don't Panic'

According to local reports, CTS said during a news program on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at 7:00 am, a telop at the bottom of the screen said, 'A Communist Party military guided missile landed in New Taipei City.' Explosion, damage to facilities and ships '' Special forces suspected of setting fire and explosives in Banqiao District (Note: urban district in northern Taiwan). No casualties '' Fear of outbreak of war with China '' President Declared an emergency '.

by Michael Wood

According to the CTS, these telops are for disaster prevention drills prepared by the New Taipei City Fire Department for the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense-led disaster prevention drill 'Min'an No. 8' to be held on May 5, and are technical. It was displayed in the morning news program due to a mistake. CTS has corrected false alarms in multiple programs and announced that it would 'perform an internal investigation and severely punish the responsible person.'

Although criticisms were raised on SNS for this false alarm, it seems that there were no signs of panic in the real world such as on the street.

In this case, media outlets reiterate that tensions on China are increasing in Taiwan following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. On April 12, 2022, Taiwan released the 'Handbook on Civil Defense' for the first time, which explains how to protect itself in the event of an emergency, and it is reported that Taiwan is trying to be fully prepared for the invasion of China. I am.

Taiwan publishes first civil defense handbook China threats in mind | Reuters

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