President Card Emergency Warning Message 'Presidential Alert' was sent to the smuggle of all the people of the United States and noisy

Presidential emergency alert message "Presidential alert" was sent to over 200 million people in the US mobile phone users on October 3, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 (local time) . Presidential alert that confusion was confirmed as "Is the message sent from the president to his terminal?", But the transmission seems to be completed successfully.

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The test transmission of presidential alert was planned to be carried out in September 2018 originally was postponed to October 3. A notification stating "Presidential Alert" (Presidential Alert) in the subject reaches the user, the terminal gets bigger and special vibration is generated. It was reported in the news that presidential alerts will be sent ahead of actual test transmission.

This is the actual content of the presidential emergency alert test sent. According to the schedule, in the message sent at 14:18, "This is a test of the National Radio Emergency Alert System, there is no need to respond."

It seems that an alarm has also arrived at Apple Watch.

The Presidential Alert was not sent by President Trumpe personally from the terminal, but was sent by the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States (FEMA) , and the system of the National Radio Emergency Warning System telling the weather and natural disasters was used It was. Alerts to inform weather and natural disasters were sent only to local residents, whereas presidential alerts are not limited to the area and are transmitted to almost all terminals in the USA It is a difference. However, there are terminals that do not notify test alarms for some reason.

However, when sending the Presidential Alert, some people thought that "President Trump is controlling telephones in the U.S.!", Confusion was seen.

Some people think that "Presidents can take personal contacts to themselves", such as "deleting me from your contact book. President alerts are the worst".

In addition, "I can not agree with this, people who object to the mechanism that action is necessary" ... ...

"What happens if someone hacks and uses Presidential Alert as a weapon, some people point out that the wrong information spreads and the whole country will panic."

On the other hand, in Twitter Data, a mysterious phenomenon that the spike of the graph showing the timing of the tag "# PresidenstialAlart" at the timing is maximized at around 15:18 after 1 hour from the message transmission We are reporting.

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