I tried using the service "Rotor" that measures the time taken to complete the task in cooperation with the task management tool "Trello"

"TrelloIs a tool that can manage notes and tasks as if organizing cards and sticky notes. In cooperation with that Trello, the service which automatically measures the time from the task start to the completion is "Rotor"is.

Rotor for Trello

You can understand the basic usage of "Trello" which you can do to task management with multiple people with ToDo list, memo pad, and feeling to organize cards by understanding the following article.

"Trello" which can handle task management with multiple people, such as ToDo list, memo pad, as if to organize cards - GIGAZINE

First of all, we prepare a list for time management on Trello. This time I prepared a "I'm doing" list on "Welcome board" like the image below. We will set the time to be measured when the card is on this list.

Rotor's siteAnd click "Start Tracking".

As Rotor asks for permission to access Trello's information, click "Allow".

Click the door mark on the right end of the board with the list used for time measurement.

Select the time measurement list and click "TRACK". Setting is complete with this.

◆ Measurement
In addition, the three marks displayed on the board under measurement are buttons to "stop time measurement", "send a notice by e-mail", "display this board with Trello" from the left. I will try using the notice later and try "measurement" first.

If you move the card to the "currently doing" list that you set earlier, the measurement will start automatically. In addition, the person in charge must be set on the card.

Click the clock mark on the top right of the page to see the report.

When you look at the report, you can see clearly who performed the task over how many hours. It is a specification that the time measurement stops when the card is moved from the list for measurement, and its usage is very simple. However, if several cards of the same person in charge are placed in the measurement list, the time of the person in charge will be counted in duplicate and it will be many times the real time, so be careful.

If you change the tab at the top of the report page from "OVERVIEW" to "DAILY", the working hours per day are displayed. In addition, you can use the filter function to narrow down the summary range of the report by date or board.

◆ Notification
I will set "notification" that came out on the way. "TYPE" has "Hourly" notice once every hour, "Daily" once a day, "Weekly" once a week, and "Monthly" once a month. Select the list with "BOARD LIST", write the mail format in the middle, click the "SAVE" below to set the notification.

When the notification is set, a mail is sent to the person in charge of the card in the list where the notification is set. Please note that it does not send the measured time collectively.

The function of "Rotor" is very simple, "Measure the time while the card is staying on the list", but you can easily start using it for a simple amount. It was a perfect service for those who wanted to visualize the progress of work with the Kanban system as well as to easily visualize the time spent on work.

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