I tried a legendary sushi bowl "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki don bowl" with excellent compatibility with the taste of pork roses and the flavor of garlic

"Legendary Sotabeya" collaborated with local gourmet in Hiroshima "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki bowl"Appeared on Thursday, January 11, 2018. I tried to eat it immediately to see what the bowl, which sticked to not only the punchy rich sauce but also to the arrangement, was what it was.

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Arrived at "Legendary Suta Bon noodle".

In front of the shop there was a sign of "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki don bowl" decorated.

I ordered "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki rice bowl (in parallel)" (880 yen including tax), it was provided in about 5 minutes.

In "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki rice bowl" is seaweed and green onion miso soup ......

Mayonnaise came on raw eggs.

"Hiroshima style okonomiyaki rice bowl" is served in a bowl about 20 cm in diameter. Following the okonomiyaki of authentic Hiroshima, the ingredients are piled up without mixing, and the red ginger is not specified.

There is plenty of blue sky and heavenly darkness on the top of the bowl.

Below that is a pork loose meat often associated with otafuku sauce ......

Vegetables such as sprouts and green onions are laid.

"Potato sauce" that pork loose meat uses a strong tasting otafuku sauce and secret garlic soy sauce is often used, and I want to get together with rice.

Sprouts are chewy shakiyaki.

Put the egg on top so it's awesome ......

I will add mayonnaise.

Then, the appearance is exactly like "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki".

I will break the egg with chopsticks.

Then, thick yellow fish spreads over the bowl.

When putting on egg and mayonnaise, the acidity of mayonnaise and the mellowness of egg are exquisitely matched, and the texture of crispy crispy and the iso-like flavor of blue moss doubles the feeling of "Hiroshima style okonomiyaki". Together with the umami of the meat that seeps from the fat of the pig rose and the otafuku sauce and the garlic flavor of the soup dress, it became a bowl of compatibility with the rice bowl.

"Hiroshima style okonomiyaki rice bowl" is being offered from "Thousand Dragon Store of the legend" throughout the country on January 11, 2018 (Thurs), but the shop of Mr. Nakano Shinbashi · Mis ~ It is said that it is not provided at the shop · Yume Town Kurume shop.

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