Samsung's "Galaxy S 9" turned out to be announced in February 2018

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Samsung's first512GB smartphoneIt is also expected to become "Galaxy S 9In January 2018CES 2018Rumor that it will be announced at the end of 2017 ", but in CES 2018 no new terminal appeared, in FebruaryMobile World Congress(MWC) to be announced in the year.

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Mr. DJ Koh, Samsung's mobile business representative, at the press conference of CES 2018, the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, says "Galaxy S 9 was released at the MWC in February 2018 We will announce "to be done." The Galaxy S8 that appeared in 2017 was announced at the event in New York in March and it was put on sale in April, so it seems that Galaxy S9 will be on sale from March .

Also, for some time Samsung is developing a collapsible smartphone? Although he was told, Mr. Koh said "It is expected to appear in 2019" about this. According to Koh,UXIs a big challenge in the commercialization of folding smartphones and is working ambitiously to solve the problem.

Samsung is pending a patent on a smartphone that can be freely changed in shape by bending a large screen - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, the second release of Samsung's AI Assistant "Bixby", "Bixby 2.0" will be released within the year and will be available for all Samsung terminals in 2020 for Bixby 2.0.

"There are many companies that develop AI functions, but many of them do not have the hardware technology.We were late starting compared to rivals, but confidence to provide consumers with the best experience There is, "Koh said.

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